Who should pay for quarantine and testing?

On a phone so no links. But just read a story about Americans forced into quarantine and tested for COVID 19 tested negative then hit with 2700 bills.

If the government is mandating the quarantine should the government pay?

Is this the link you read?


But two weeks later, Azcue got unwelcome news in the form of a notice from his insurance company about a claim for $3,270.

In 2018, President Donald Trump’s administration rolled back Affordable Care Act regulations and allowed so-called “junk plans” in the market. Consumers mistakenly assume that the plans with lower monthly costs will be better than no insurance at all in case of a medical catastrophe, but often the plans aren’t very different from going without insurance altogether.

Hospital officials at Jackson told the Miami Herald that, based on his insurance, Azcue would only be responsible for $1,400 of that bill, but Azcue said he heard from his insurer that he would also have to provide additional documentation: three years of medical records to prove that the flu he got didn’t relate to a preexisting condition.

Let’s see how lassez faire free market capitalism handles a global pandemic.

This story is about two weeks old. It’s already been posted here at least once.

I was actually coming here to see if someone had posted this because its been on a my mind. Seems to me that these sort of outbreaks really drive home the advantage of everyone having access to affordable healthcare. Modern medicine shouldn’t be considered in the same vein as a car or an Xbox. It needs to be available for everyone and we shouldn’t have to deal with insurance company shenanigans and stumbling blocks.

Agree. Ditto for paid time off. How many people are going to got I work sick becuae they can’t afford the time off?

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Problem too is I’d someone feels sick and only has high deductible health care they are less inclined to go to doctors hence spreading the virus if infected. Problem with for profit health care

Imo, there’s no question that the government should pay for all the testing, quarantines, and other miscellaneous expenses related to containing the the virus. A pandemic is a real national emergency, and until congress appropriates funds to contain it, it should combated with the money that’s currently building a personal monument on the southern border.

“Under normal circumstances, Azcue said he would have gone to CVS for over-the-counter medicine and fought the flu on his own, but this time was different. As health officials stressed preparedness and vigilance for the respiratory illness, Azcue felt it was his responsibility to his family and his community to get tested for novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19.”

The guy was an idiot. My 8 year old just got over the flu. How do I know it wasn’t coronavirus? She got tested for the flu, which it was…strain b.
This guy went out and got tested for a rare new disease on his own. I’m surprised his insurance paid for it at all.
Testing for the flu does not cost over $3k.

He had just came back from spending a month in China …how does that make him an idiot?

Because he could have gotten a much cheaper flu test, that would have told him he had the flu.

So lets ignore the whole he spent a month in China during a period of the outbreak and ever single health department out there is asking people do do… exactly what he did?

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He was trying to do the right thing. And I guarentee if he went to a minute clinic and telling them he just got back from china they would have sent him to the hospiyal

Don’t ignore it. Take the flu test first. When the flu test comes back in about 30 minutes, and you know what strain of flu you have, then ignore it.

Oh yea, totally right. I didn’t even think about that.

Or trying to get ahead of it and following the recommendation of every single local, state, federal and international health Organization… Far from being an idiot.

Well apart from getting crappy health plan that was legalized by trump

So you think it makes sense to go out and be tested for coronavirus if you have flu symptoms, when a test for flu would tell you whether you had flu in less than an hour.

If I went to china recently, yes.

If you spend the last month in the country that the coronovirus started of and reputable health Organization are telling you do exactly that then yes.

If you lived in Dodge county GA and haven’t left the tri county area in years then nope…

The gov’t should recoup what they can from insurance but if you are forced into quarantine you are in state custody so whatever charges insurance doesn’t cover should be the responsibility of the State.