Who Is The Friend?


Smallest possible government, especially central.

Individualism. Understanding that while some consideration must be given to the collective, err on the side of the individual. Any emergency exception must be minimal, short-lived, with a defined termination criteria. And reevaluated on a set schedule.

Freedom from, not liberty to. There are far too many permissions from government required.

The Constitution does not prohibit citizens, it prohibits government.

Those who mind their own business. And everything I do is not your business. You can have an opinion on it, and keep it to yourself.

Small business owners.

American manufacturing. Non-union.

Doctors still practicing medicine and willing to negotiate fees.

People who barter.

People with manners.

Men, not males. Ladies, not females. Men who raise their sons to be caballeros, modern-day knights.

Those who understand rights are individual.

Those who understand the consent was not given to be governed by the unelected, not even lawyers in robes.

Jury nullification

Civil disobedience

Non-violent protests

Accepting differences without imposing

Equality not equity

Opportunity not outcome

Critical thinking not critical theory

Those who acknowledge the right to the fruits of labor

Those who respect private property rights

Those who don’t impose on others to satisfy their wants

Those who don’t demand government permissions to exercise rights

Freedom before order

A nation of freedom, not a nation of laws

Character, not color

Culture, not race

Education, not indoctrination

Parents, not the state

Private, not public

Harm, not feelings

Those who understand that if they want to “keep it real”, it comes with a price

As for the media - yet another necessary evil. None of them are friends, they are all useful (at times) idiots.


Just for starters…What do you have against unions?


These two points are kinda contradictory aren’t they?

Many…due to not having one early on in their life…will never come to understand and evolve into this and I truly believe that this one thing, is the absolute root cause for most of the problems “we” have in the US.



What is this all about?

Are you thinking doctors, freed from the shackles of insurance pricing, will be benevolent and generous, trading care of a pie and a pig like days of yore?

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Shouldn’t women be knights too?

Why not just raise people with manners regardless of their gender, and teach everyone to be chivalrous and strong and clear eyed?

In my book…they are…but in a different way. Neither sex is all the way right and neither sex is all the way wrong so that being raised by both…lovingly and equally…provides an essential sense of balance for the offspring.

:rofl: No.

Bartering a dozen eggs for a sack of flour at the general store

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That may be true, but you were discussing how you should raise the child - why not make them all knights?

Been hearing lost about this Brandon fella. He must be a good friend to many here.

Why not?

Because knights are men. Ladies aren’t men.

How authoritarian of you, demanding who can be what.


Authoritarian vs. authoritarian?


It’s not authoritarian. You can call yourself whatever you want, that doesn’t make it so.


By who’s measure?

Why should men be knights?

Mine. It’s my list. I’m not negotiating your impositions to satisfy your feelings.

That is the traditional approach of the male, where as the female displays more sensitivity. Neither is all the way right and neither is all the way wrong but being raised by both, equally and lovingly, provides an essential balance necessary for coping with adulthood.