Who is stopping Bolton from talking?

Weren’t you just crying about people attacking voters in another thread


One defeat after another…Dems took the house. That was kind of a thing.

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And impeached him

Impeached him…forever.

Right……… forever. I’ll be thinking about that when he appoints his next group of federal judges and is re-elected. It will make me sad. :wink:

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I’ll be thinking about it when the Vikings win the super bowl next year and every teammate thanks Kirk Cousins for sticking with them.

The Bengals are getting Joe Borrow! Oh wait, they’re still the Bengals. They can’t even manage one win against the Steelahs much less a superbowl.

Last I checked each of the alphabet networks gets more then three times the viewers as Fox News.

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Bolton knows that if he speaks up now he is done with the Republican party. And he isn’t willing to go that route. He will let this go and relay on his book to tell the tale.

The only time it won’t matter is after the next election. His book is supposed to come out in March, I think, and I would expect he’d be doing interviews after that.

So the final answer is that no one is stopping him.


Actually, congress hasn’t taken steps to enforce their subpoenas. They claim they have all the evidence they need for a slam dunk case.

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The Senate hasn’t created subpoenas and Bolton says he will testify

And Bolton says he has new information

The way congress enforces subpoenas is through impeachment

I have never found a reliable source with all the numbers across platforms. I was under impression Fox is the highest rated cable news channel.

Most of the ratings that come up when you google it are for the cable news networks. However here is one source I found:

ABC World News Tonight 2019: 8.56M viewers nightly
NBC Nightly News: 7.90M viewers
CBS Evening News: 5.82M viewers
Fox News Hannity: 3.1M viewers

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Which is correct. However cable news channels are considered to be Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.
ABC, CBS and NBC are considered network news channels.
Many people do not realize that there is a difference and so think that Fox News gets more viewers then any other news.

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I was one of those people. Thank you for the knowledge.