Who is stopping Bolton from talking?

Nobody. Since he obviously won’t be testifying in congress, why doesn’t he speak up on his own? Go on CNN, have a press conference. Do it now, while impeachment is still in progress. Why wait until it’s over when his testimony will mean nothing?

What’s wrong Johnny, cat got your tongue?

I believe he has a non disclosure (shocker with Trump eh?) And they are taking steps to block his book too…

The senate is stopping him from testifying under oath and on record.

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I think it only covers classified info. If it’s in his book, he has already violated it.

Everybody already knows that. But should he tell is story now before impeachment ends? Or wait until after impeachment? Which choice makes the most sense to you and why?

Unless we’re ignoring that the White House wants to classify it retroactively.

So should Bolton talk now while it matters? Or later when it won’t matter?

So what? CNN should do a mock trial where he gives his testimony. Of course, since conservatives stopped watching CNN after being insulted by Rick Wilson, it would prove to be ineffective.

How about Fox News OP? Those human scum Never Trumpers would love the chance plus it would be on the highest rated, therefore the best, network.

So should Bolton talk now while it matters? Or later when it won’t matter?

Maybe he could get his book tabled in an Australian parliament which would make it covered under our parliamentary privilege?

It wouldn’t matter if he talked on CNN tonight or in the Senate. I think he should talk when feels the need to.

I think CNN disagrees. They have been asking for him ASAP. (So I’ve heard).

Does Fox News have more viewers than ABC (USA), CBS, NBC?

Number one rated cable show. I dont know about total viewership across platforms but I still think every other network is out Foxed

Too late. If it contains classified info, he has already given it to editors, publishers and admin folks. Unless they have a security clearance,he is already in violation.

Use Google.

It was a rhetorical question.

Well the question was what is best for Bolton. Of course CNN would want that interview, it would garner a lot of attention for them

What’s the point? Republicans stopped caring about the truth quite a bit ago.

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How do you know you know what CNN is saying if you stopped watching them? Are you two I a love to hate relationship?