Who is stopping Bolton from talking?

Maybe they want him to give testimony that can’t possibly be ignored by the senate?

For the record CNN is televising the Senate impeachment trial. Fox News is doing the same.

Great question! When driving home from work Rush mentioned that CNN was begging Bolton to call in. It’s his job to follow various media outlets. Did I pass your test? :grin:

I doubt it, the Senate has heard enough from him already at this point. Going on CNN would do more harm than good to him. And even though he is coming out swinging against President Trump, he doesn’t seem like the kind of man to sacrifice himself to his own causes.

You did, I’m legitimately happy. Many people live a life seeking out things they hate and stay in perpetual attack mode. I don’t find it healthy and wouldn’t like to see you trapped in a cycle of cynicism.

Ok but claiming that he did not have a chance to talk is not a valid claim. Anything that he said to CNN could have been used as evidence in the trial. Maybe “bombshells” were more like firecrackers? Or maybe he didn’t want to effect his book sales? In a few hours it will be too late anyway. Missed opportunity. Soooooo sad. :sleepy:

Who claimed that he can’t talk?

If I was Bolton, I would probably wait until the election is closer. We already know the Senate won’t do anything to hold this president accountable. The voters just might. They would be my target audience if I were in Bolton’s shoes.

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I usually refuse to take tests offered by forum members. I made an exception for you. Maybe I’m in an extra good mood due to the quick end of impeachment. :man_shrugging:

Most people don’t care now. Nobody will care in a few months.

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Good thinking. The conclusion in the Senate has been fairly predicted where he would not be removed. If Bolton really wanted to dange him, it would be better to wait until the election where he has a greater chance of bring removed


Guess we will have to wait and see. This show is over though, and Boltons spotlight out ran him.

We know that he will end up doing so, and Trump and his cult will proclaim it is lies and just to sell a book, since it is not on the record. That is the point.


He should tell it under oath

Hey going on CNN is just like testifying under oath in an impeachment trial

And you have a problem with that?

With it not being under oath and allowing for his cult to dismiss it? Yes.

It can be used as evidence. Just as the whistleblowahs non testimony was. Am I right? You know I am. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In your opinion, why would it be better to remain quite until after the trial?

See when you just admit you’re a Trump shill it makes everything so much easier.


Good. Because I know things are tough for you. Suffering one defeat after another isn’t easy. Maybe after The President is re-elected I’ll let you call me a Trumpster? It might make things soooo much easier for you. :joy: