Who is Ray Epps? Why hasn't he been arrested for his apparent instigation of attacks on 1/6?

I vote for Phoenix Dark.

Personally, without,further evidence, I’d be satisfied if Garland would simply say no, no federal agent encouraged the crowd to enter the capitol. In no way would that interfere with an investigation.


Yes, J6 is looking more and more like the bogus Whitmer plot. Most of the alleged plotters were FBI informants.

Here are some of suspicious events that are consistent with FBI instigation and entrapment.

  1. Pelosi refused to have National Guard troops to provide support for the extremely outnumbered Capitol Police force. Videos show police allowing protestors into the building. It is as if they planned to allow protestors to enter the building as a pretext for reprisals.

  2. The mysterious pipe bombs left at the Republican and Democratic headquarters on evening of January 5 in an area with heavy video surveillance and large numbers of police, but the bombs were not discovered until 1 pm next day. The bomb was the primary reason for evacuation of the Capitol. In addition Officer Byrd has stated that fear of a bomb was a factor in his shooting of Babbitt.
    This is the Real Story Behind Why the Capitol Building Was Evacuated on Jan. 6

  3. Only sparse information has been provided by the FBI about an alleged bomber suspect. It appears that they have little interest in actually arresting the person.

  4. Epps and Sullivan met near the Capitol on January 6. Sullivan was working for CNN and took the video of the police shooting of Babbitt.

  5. At least two Oath Keeper leaders have links to the FBI. The Whitmer case shows that the actual number is probably far higher.
    Accused 'Oath Keepers' Capitol rioter worked for FBI: lawyer
    Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open - Revolver

  6. At least one Proud Boys leader was an FBI informant:
    Proud Boys leader worked as informant for FBI, local police in fraud case

  7. To date no one has been charged with insurrection, sedition, or treason. The “armed insurrection” narrative is at best an urban legend at this point.

  8. Over 10000 hours of video has not been released. Why is that?

  9. The FBI and Capitol Police at least tacitly supported the debunked fire-extinguisher-murder narrative. It should have been obvious from the inspection of the body that there was no evidence of blunt trauma consistent with the use of a fire extinguisher as a club, but it took several weeks for them to admit that. House Democrats even used the hoax as part of the sham impeachment trial. It took several more months before the authorities admitted that Sicknick had died from natural causes.
    A key narrative about January 6 just collapsed


Jan 6th is the new truther movement… didn’t see that coming.


By his reluctance to make a definitive answer Garland quite possibly:

  1. Is well aware of federal agents being involved but because of “ongoing investigations” is allowed cover.
  2. (My opinion) Garland like the rest of J’Biden’s cabinet and ‘Ol Joey from Scranton, has no ■■■■■■■ idea what they’re doing or what is going on around them because the whole clown show is a sham.

Or the FBI is just up to its old tricks as documented by the Church Committee decades ago.

Ray Epps, owner of the The Knotty Barn wedding venue in Arizona?

Yea… like someone can’t release tax files because they were being “audited”.

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Wedding planner and FBI “operative”?
This could be a Netflix series!

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The law; it’s a remarkable thing no?

Interesting points.

All factual also, no speculations.

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He should also tell us if Democrats are eating babies.

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Classic Ray.

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If asked by a Congressperson before a fact finding committee, he should say “no”. Refusing to answer would be a curious response.


Oh yeah it was a set up and there is visual video proof that the gates of the temporary fencing were opened by the Capitol police themselves who waved people onto the Capitol building grounds and into the building itself. There is also visual proof of instigation by uniformed CP so no doubt there were plain clothes CP and FBI inciting the crowd. It was a inside job perpetuated by the HOR side of Congress, Nancy and her gang.

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The CP police are culpable. Calling it an inside job is of course the truthiness blogman is pushing.

You guys keep asking why keep the Jan 6 riot in the news. This is probably a good reason. So you guys don’t make ■■■■ up as you go along. Which is of course par for the course


This part is interesting. From the article:

One of Revolver’s arguments surrounds the fact that Epps’ name was removed from the FBI’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted List in July. The removal, Revolver argues, indicates that the bureau was almost certainly attempting to scrub their knowledge of Epps.

In reality, Epps removal only confirms that the FBI is no longer seeking the public’s assistance in locating the military veteran. Numerous scenarios, including the possibility that Epps was interviewed by the FBI, could just as easily explain the removal. No evidence has been made public, however, to prove any theory.


Seems like both guys know the drill…