Who is Ray Epps? Why hasn't he been arrested for his apparent instigation of attacks on 1/6?

Revolver News has been developing a breaking a story about how an apparent FBI operative and Arizona Oath Keepers leader who allegedly led the initial breach of the Capitol. The story came after Rep. Thomas Massie asked questions similar to those in the above title of AG Garland during his testimony.

Here is a short compilation of video from January 5 and 6 of Epps encouraging people to storm the Capitol:

The video below includes a detailed discussion about the Revolver story. Here are some highlights:
27:15 Description of Epps actions on January 5-6
31:00 Raheem Kassam’s commentary
37:30 NY Times claimed that Ray Epps was acting alone but video shows otherwise
42:00 Laying out the case for the FBI instigating the breach of the Capitol.
43:30 - 45:15 FBI has scrubbed Epps from their most wanted database

Here is the Revolver story:

Are we seeing a replay of the COINTELPRO operations from the Vietnam era where the FBI infiltrated political opposition groups and instigated violence to discredit and frame them?


Why do you keep posting those far-right website news articles? We don’t know if this guy is going to be charged. As Garland correctly said, it is a ongoing investigation. Almost 700 people have been charged so far. Figure that out per month and it is a pretty impressive number. And now we will wait and see how many are guilty.

Yes, I know that is traumatic for many Democrats to read anything outside of the protective fake-news bubble. If you have anything to post that contradicts the Revolver information please post it.

As far as Epps, we know that the FBI has removed him from their wanted files. Perhaps the House show trial can subpoena him for tips on entrapping average Americans with the newly expanded nation-wide Capitol Police?

Here is a New York Times article that popped up on a DuckDuckGo search of Ray Epps. This story may be the one that claimed that Epps was acting alone as mentioned in the Revolver story.

Perhaps you can post an excerpt if there is anything interesting.

Here is the new Tucker Carlson report on the Revolver story.

Will Ray Epps accept Carlson’s offer to appear on his show?

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Actually we do, Epps name was removed from the FBI website on July 1st!


No we don’t. And he could still be charged.

He is likely a FED.

They got him in on video several times.

DOJ in a jam now…the Dem narrative is collapsing.


I read that.

It’s about time.

If you read the article you’d know that he was pictured as one of the “most wanted” from January 6th through July 1st, then his pic disappeared from the list.

He also gave an interview to a local paper in Arizona in early January admitting he was there, but apparently he remained on the list because…he was hard to find??

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Surprised that this is on Steve Bannon’s podcast and then ends up here soon after.

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Let us also think of how insane it would be for an FBI provocateur to use HIS ACTUAL NAME.

You’re saying his actions would have been more acceptable? believable? sensible? if he used an alias??

Makes sense.

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There is an assumption being made that he is working for the FBI.

If he was… why is it so easy to find out who this guy is?

Let us not drag up dirty little secrets about the FBI but:

Don’t kid yourself, the DOJ and the FBI are capable of doing what they want when they want.
The J’Biden administration are facilitating the wanton breaking of Federal immigration laws every day and the proliferation of narcotics and other illegal drugs that are making their way into American communities. Seen the Fentanyl OD death statistics lately? They are criminals that belong in jail.


If you read the article, you’d know that tons of leftist “do-gooders” Sherlocked out his identity within days of 1/6.

He WAS on the 1/6 Most Wanted list at the time, and they thought they were doing the fbi a favor tracking down “an insurrectionist”.

Turns out the guy telling everyone “we have to go inside the Capitol” wasn’t the “insurrectionist” they were looking for at all.

But they did find him really quick.


As per the Horowitz report, the initial FISA Warrant into Carter Page and the First Renewal were legal while the second and third renewal were not since they left out exculpatory information.

And I mean I guess I could engage the other things… but it seems to be a shotgun style of argumentation to throw a whole bunch of stuff out there and not really prove anything.

Also… none of that is evidence that Ray Epps is a fed.

Sounds as if whoever was his “controller” gave him up then began the scrubbing and covering of tracks.
Sounds conspiratorial but the DOJ and especially the FBI are now officially politicized. They’re capable of doing anything.

Yeah… he talked to the Arizona Republic days after Jan 6th. He never entered the Capitol building which is why he was never charged.

Ray Epps owns and operates with his a wedding venue in Queen Creek AZ. He has done so since 2010.

So unless he is some deep cover Fed… he is just a dude who whipped people up for reasons that only he knows.

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Nothing better than a hearsay story about Jan 6 to get the blood going.


Then who the ■■■■ is this guy and why is he being “protected”?


Garland could simply have replied: No, there were no federal agents who were trying to instigate illegal entry into the capitol building. That he refused to do that is reason enough to consider this as a potential issue that needs to be tracked. It suggests the defense of entrapment if this happened.