Who is buying Hunter's prints?

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You think it’s funny that we have a president who shakes down Countries and gets paid for it? Why is he sharing bank accounts with Hunter? You think it’s funny Biden cry’s about Trumps taxes when he doesn’t pay his own?

It articulates what I think of the faux outrage in the context of the behaviour of the previous president and the sounds of silence condemning that behaviour.


Our previous president lost money by becoming president, Biden made money while being VP through his son, not being able to see the difference is why Dems are going to get shelled at midterms. How many years were you crying about trumps taxes and now all of a sudden we have a president who misused the tax system and now it’s ok? Funny! Bidens whole Schtick was vote for me I’m not corrupt like trump.

Firstly, let me put on the record that I am not a Dem, I have never been a Dem and I will never be a Dem. I support the centre-left ALP.

As for the rest of what I supposedly support, it is best summed up with one word: codswallop.

You wanted Biden over Trump, and cried about Trump corruption, you are a dem regardless of what you classify yourself as! And are defending Bidens corruption, I judge people by words and actions not by what they identify as. Trump wasn’t flying ivanka on air force one and sharing bank accounts for business that’s your guy.

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I am not a Dem. I have not failed to vote in any state or federal election that I have been eligible to vote in. I have never voted for any candidate who was a member of the Democratic Party.

And yet defend them with every dying breathe like in this thread while blasting every breathing conservative who walks. We call this extreme hypocrisy. This is far worst than Ivanka and meaningless patents! When You find out if Trump shared an account with his daughter and was fkyinf her around on Air Force one closing business deals while president then call me.

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More info from the soggy laptop.

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Bank accounts are bank accounts bubba! Joe is now part of the probe according to the FBI, he should resign when he can.

No one gave a ■■■■ with the former guy.

Why give a ■■■■ now?

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There seems to be a common theme of a new found interest in propriety.

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Few could make that claim. But conflict-of-interest critics? Yeah… we can make that claim.


Can you?

Does this conflict of interest concern run long and deep?

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Don junior was selling pathetic fake artwork to anonymous Chinese buyers? I didn’t hear about that.

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Yep. Trained for years and years … literally. When you have responsibilities with the government, its like that.

Oh… this is a very specific concern which only involves the art market.

Got ya.

So… where was this concern hiding the past few years?

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Did you want to go off topic?

Now that is funny.

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