Who is buying Hunter's prints?

Hunter Biden has recently reportedly sold at least $375,000 in reproductions of his artwork to undisclosed buyers.

Who is buying Hunter’s prints?

What is the cut for the “Big Guy”?

How will it take the CIA to issue another warning about “Russian disinformation”?

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Lol art critics now are we.


Why is the identity of the buyers kept secret?

Is there any evidence that Biden even produces the art to begin with?

Or does he just sign work produced by a ghost artist?

The whole thing reeks influence peddling.

What does it matter ?

Important thing is he’s now going to be able to purchase $375,000 worth of crack.


I mean… You ain’t wrong.


Hunter is a ■■■■ up who clearly is trying to capitalize on his father’s status to make some cash. It stinks and shouldn’t be happening while Joe is in office.


you cant be serious

no big deal huh?

it makes me laugh that they think people are stupid enough to believe this has anything to do with “art”

actually i dont think they care who believes it or not. but, people still do

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We all know if Donald Jr had done this, there would be dozens of reporters/investigators who would not rest until we knew exactly who was making these anonymous payments to the Big Guys son. In the mean time, they would be implying that it was probably Putin or Russian oligarchs making the payments.
Instead, we have a crack head is who gets paid by foreign companies from countries that the Big Guy handles for being an international business genius and now gets paid anonymously as one of the greatest living artists…all while keeping up with his crack head activities…and crickets.

Lets get 50 elitest intelligence agency operatives to write that complaints about this are surely Russian interference in our politics.


good lord the media would lose their minds!

amazing in a way isnt it? the knee buckling double standard

media essentially ignores


LA mayor and supreme ■■■■■■■ Garcetti is buying some of Biden’s ■■■■■ What the hell an ambassador consideration gotta be worth it?

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Did you even bother to read the post you responded to?

yes why do you ask?

my response should make that evident.

It looked like one of those things you post regardless of what someone says because you never cared in the first place.

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Where did he give you the idea he thought it was no big deal?

Totally different than booking rooms long term in a luxury hotel.


And you guys would’ve been cheering him on the whole time.

why avoid my question?

Lib trolling.

It’s expected.

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