Who is buying Hunter's prints?

The cheese smoking son of the president only recently started his scam.

And there were no other conflicts of interest over the past few years from other politicians that there were any concerns about?

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None involving the thread topic.


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Not my rule dude.

Don Jr.'s buyers would have been more into Soviet Realist style pieces.

Melania was granted patents in China.

I wonder how much Dubya has made off his books of crappy art, and how much he would have made if he hadn’t been, ya know, President.

Trademarks, but we get your point. Patents would require coming up with some kind of genuinely useful idea.

It was Ivanka’s Chinese Trademark requests that were fast tracked while she was acting as a Special Advisor to the President (her father).


When it is left wing politicians or leftist elites amassing wealth the committed Democrat voter has a much favorable view of wealth, America and Capitalism.

Why is the Vice President flying his son on Air Force two and sharing bank accounts and helping his son secure foreign investments? Trump never did this! He is doing things you claimed trump did that he never did that he should be impeached for.

He never had buyers and he never flew on air force one securing deals with daddy and sharing bank accounts.

Remember when we found out that Trump had a secret Chinese bank account that laid pretty much dormant for years but then suddenly had millions of dollars flowing through it right after he won the election and no one cared?

Yeah… I remember that too.

…and those that voted for this lying turd, attempt to equate the same description to Trump for lying about crowd sizes. :roll_eyes:

It’s been interesting observing those in this thread approve of and make excuses for blatant, in your face corruption. I have to conclude that if it’s with in the Dem party, it’s…wait for it…different?

it isn’t different.

I am laughing at those who for the past few years made excuse after excuse to ignore impropriety only to discover the deep concern now.

It is almost like the concern conveniently turns on and off.

I have a poor memory so can you please provide an example of an “impropriety” that rivals Hunter Biden’s laptop, millions serving on foreign boards and now selling paintings for huge sums from buyers who don’t have to reveal themselves? I’ll wait…

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As convenient as turning a tap on or off.

Remember like last week we found out that while Trump was President he got a preferential deal from Deutche Bank that literally saved him millions of dollars on his personally secured loan and didn’t disclose that?

Remember how zero people cared?

Yeah… I remember.

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