Who is Behind the Current Unrest?

I am not asking about some organization, principally, or accusing some wealthy backer or some “umbrella man”. I am talking about who, demographically and socially, is causing the recent protests and mob actions where it turns violent? To add background and clarify this question, I submit the two articles.

One is a Gallup Poll showing that 81 percent of blacks want the same or more amount of police presence.
The other article is a manifesto of a bike shop in Austin Texas serving largely elite white college students that they will not longer service police bikes because they want to be on the side of the community and the right side of history.

My observation…this has nothing to do with Floyd, and very little to do with whether black lives matter.

So…who are these people who are protesting/rioting and what do they really want? Or do they even know?


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Mostly 20 year old white Marxists who think they know everything sitting around coffee shops in their trendy urban enclaves


The Woke

There will be some who are politically motivated but the majority are just scrotes looking for a bit of a ruck.

They could not give a crap about BLM, racism or other social issues, they just want to get stuck in and do some damage,

The bike shop should be sued and put out of business.

I am sure the police department will take the appropriate action if the cycle shop has broken a contract.

We have no idea how the contract was set up.

Personally if I was a small business and landed a gig with a loc police of government I would not want to lose it but hey ho.

On what grounds?

Cancel culture?

I wouldn’t either. That’s guaranteed income

They have the right to refuse service.

My opinion I am, you all are…think about the state of things here on this board. Opinions if not agreed upon get sent picking. We throw nasty little memes at each other and call it humor. Even when we agree we can’t stop arguing about why we agree. Libs don’t want to hear anything conservative, Considered don’t want to hear anything Liberal.

We have become so divided we can’t see logic and compromise if it slaps us in the face.


I wish someone would do a study of this. My opinion (guess) it is bored kids playing Spartacus. Plus some sincere politically active people.
And I suspect that social distancing, including closing pools, gyms, bars etc…has a lot to do with the boredom.

I blame income inequality. These protests look more like the ones you see in 3rd world countries than developed nations.

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I’m guessing that the average income of the protestors, or at least their parents income, is not on the below average side.
Again…it would be nice if someone would investigate stuff like that.

Discrimination. I said that tongue in cheek, but even if it wouldn’t legally stand in court, it is discrimination. If a baker can be put out of business for not baking a cake for a client, (and remember, he didn’t refuse to sell a cake he had already baked, he refused to bake one specifically,) then I don’t see how a business can refuse to perform their service based on the occupation of a client.

I just know that somehow, leftist business owners will get a pass on this though…

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Imagine a black police officer walking into a bar and ordering a beer. The bartender says “we don’t serve your kind here.”

Any difference?

Unfortunately you ain’t wrong. Fortunately there is always some valuable civil discussion and debate going on also.

No. I don’t believe in public accommodation laws imposed on the private sector.

I don’t think that will be necessary because they are going to put themselves out of business.

Not in Austin.