Who has the heart to tell this girl she's doomed?

She’s a world class athlete, super smart, loaded with charisma and on top of that, a red hot smoke show. But is she prepared for what lies ahead? Do you think she understands that white supremacy and systemics racism is about to crush all her dreams? Somebody tell her. Maybe she can defect to a more fair, less racially hostile country before the Maga people descend on her like a pack rabid coyotes? Get out while you can girl!


Harvard Grad Gabby Thomas Mastering The Science of Speed As Emerging Sprint Star (teamusa.org)

Subscription required. Find another link.

Ok thanks. I should not have linked that rag anyway.

Good, now what does this have to do with politics?

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Because the left is telling us that her sucesss is in doubt due to white privilege and systemic racism.

I don’t see a single thing in your link that remotely supports that contention.

Well the left certainly thinks so. Exhibit A

The Race Gap: How U.S. systemic racism plays out in Black lives (reuters.com)

Is she somehow immune?


Wait. Has the left not told us for several years now that people such as her will have serious trouble succeeding due to oppression? I’m pretty sure that the racial justice warriors think she’s behind the eight ball. That’s what they tell us anyway.

She doesn’t have a chance in life. Everything is stacked against her. No one can beat systemic racism.

Oh wait…she went the educational route, you know, the one all of us have if we give our best efforts and our parents insure that we do too. She’ll do great!

And I’m willing to bet that she has never once scuffled with police.

Do you find that unusual?

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Nope. Not at all. I never believed that police were out “hunting” African Americans. That’s a liberal lie.

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I find it spectacular and an example for all of us. I hope many around the nation have their eye on her and that she’s the example they’d like to emulate.

You’re on the Left now?..We welcome you with open arms…:hugs::hugs::hugs:

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I am not. The left acknowledges none of these as factors. They blame police brutality if a hyper violent high school drop out drug dealer goes to prison. Thanks for reposting this. Some of my best work.

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Nice try…lol. You’ve already admitted they start out behind the 8 ball. Deck is stacked against them. Soooo. you’re saying whites are privileged compared to them…Thanks for admitting it, and finally conceding the Lefts point.

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When you are not raised in a two-parent home, the deck is stacked against you. That said, the problem is an internal one much more than an external one. Another problem is, no one wants to face this truth but until it’s fixed, the problems that go with it won’t be.

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This OP and thread are very strange, bordering on obsession IMO.

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Excellent question.

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