Who exactly is afraid of the Mueller report being released again?


Vote in the house doesn’t bear out that they are in the kiip it secret mode. No votes against it.

So why is Schumer afraid of adding a call for a special council?


That the Republicans will tie-up the truth of the Mueller Report in a SC until after the 2020 election. And the R’s will get away with another lie.


How? An investigation into the investigation ad infinitum run by ANOTHER special counsel will take ANOTHER two years and go well after the 2020 election, THAT’S how.


How is complying with the law that a CONFIDENTIAL report is given to the Attorney General?

What does CONFIDENTIAL mean?


It’s NOT just an investigation of the special council. It would be an investigation of BOTH cases from start to finish to see if both were treated equally AND if any laws were broken in the process.

Why is Schumer afraid of a vote on doing that?


It is a naked attempt to keep the current investigation from the public eye until after the 2020 election.


Why should Democrats vote to investigate a conspiracy theory made up by a bunch of rightwing nutjobs?

You want an investigation - get your Senators to hold hearings and Donald to order Barr to appoint a SC.


With all due respect, trying to tie this into the right wing fever pitch of investigating the investigators, is complete garbage.

It was a unanimous vote in the House. Graham is a spineless coward who clearly fears the reports impact. And wants to further the inane conspiracy theory being driven by Trump and many of his supporters.

If he truly cares enough about another SC to investigate everyone else, then move legislation through to accomplish just that. He is a powerful Committee chair and could do just that.

Or better yet, implore the AG he gave a full-throated endorsement of, to appoint one to go after the rabbit hole CEC conspiracy theories developed by Putin and adopted by Trump and many of his supporters.

Clearly he thinks the DOJ IG Horowitz is incapable. Which is fine if that’s his opinion. But come out and say it like a man. And demand his removal and replacement. But this crap is going to show the truth of him and the rest of the complicit cowards in the Senate GOP.

They OBVIOUSLY are massively afraid that the Mueller report will cost them the Senate. Why would they fear the report, if not for this reality? :thinking:


See everybody, that’s exactly what I mean.


The resultion isn’t a law. Even if passed it isn’t a requirment that the report be released.


Does the law require a confidential report be sent to the attorney general?

And what does confidential mean sir?


Of course, but the report was on a track to be released until this bit of stonewalling by the senate.


Barr said he would write a summary report with as much info as possible and release it.

Why is Schumer afraid of the amendment to the resolution?


We’ve seen that trick before. As much info as possible, LOL.


The title of the thread is ‘‘Who exactly is afraid of the Mueller report being release again?’’

You posts seem to align with those who are afraid to see the report released publicly.

In this case the senate is using a procedural quirk to hide the Mueller report from the public.


“Pass the salt, please,” is a simple request.

“Appoint a new special counsel to investigate the current special counsel, and tie the appointment (which is a non-starter, as all involved are aware) to a resolution calling for government transparency hours after the House voted 420-0 approving a similar resolution,” is a somewhat more complex request, n’est-ce pas?


Calling Graham’s request “simple” is disingenuous.


How is it not simple? An amendment to the resolution that calls for a Special Counil to investigate if the DOJ had two tiers of investigation.

It’s as smiple as the request for the confidential report to be issued to the public.


Yes. A poison pill.


If it was so simple why didn’t Graham push it months ago?