Who exactly is afraid of the Mueller report being released again?


Graham didn’t push the amendment silly.


It’s a procedural quirk to hide the Mueller report from the public until after the 2020 election.


What is?

There is no lawful requirement that the report be released. The Resolution doesn’t add a law (that would most likely be vetod by Trump)

Will Democrats be unhappy is Barr follows the law and receives a confidential report, and writes a summeray for public release?

Why is Schumer afraid of in pulling his requet for a vote on the amended resolution?


That’s my suspicion. If this report revealed that everything was just perfect with Team Trump, you would think that Trump and the republicans would be screaming for this report to be made public so they could get this whole investigation thing behind them well before the 2020 election. Well, at least that’s my opinion.


No one knows what the report will say yet.

Could completely clear him, could imply there are sealed indictments for when Trumps out of office.

Why is Schumer afraid of a resolution amendment calling for a special council investigation?


Oh look at you trying to shift blame…cute


Yeah…no its not…


Who’s shifting blame?

Schumer asked for a vote on the resolution from the house.

A republican senator submitted an amendment to the resolution.

Schumer pulled his request for a vote on the resolution.

Now tell me WHO deceded they didn’t want the senate to vote?


Putting it under SC puts an end to any discussion to releasing the full report. A summary isn’t the FULL report. Mission accomplished for R’s.



Your proof?


Cool story…


Putting what under an SC? Putting DOJ and FBI under investigation of how they handled TWO investigations? How does that make it soe the report couldn’t be released?

Even with a resolution approved in both the house and senate Barr is under no legal obligation to release the report in full. It’s essentially a feel good waste of time by congress.


I mean if you ignore wiki leaks…stone.manafort…gates…and flynn with the marshall plan…oh and the nra funneling russian money…

Sure bs you say…lol


They want Senate Democrats to buy into their stupid conspiracy theories as a way to legitimize it.


Because you have. Nothing to back up your claims besides some feverish imagination…


We all know why he slipped it in…you are simply playing for your team…


That doesn’t really answer my post.


It is Barr’s stated goal to support the Republican agenda, which right now is to protect Trump at all costs.


Lol what?


Trust me all of it will come out in the end. Lindsay Graham can try and stop it but eventually all the dirty laundry will be aired including if there are any crimes.