Who exactly is afraid of the Mueller report being released again?


Why hasn’t Barr done that already? why did Graham add it to a completely unrelated bill. We both know why he did this.


They’ve heard Cohen’s closed door testimony. They know what’s coming.


It’s NOT a bill. If the resolution passes, it’s just a polite request to make it public.

And . . . are you new to politics?


No, the whole reason why Graham added it was to tank the resolution from passing we both know that.


Why didn’t Schumer just agree to it?


Or he added it to a bill the Dem’s really really REALLY want to pass.

Are you new to pollitics? That happens often. Find a bill that a lot of people support (in this case a resolution) Slip it in, get it voted one.


Barr could start an investigation this min into those claims, the only reason why Graham added it was to tank the resolution from passing.


Recall when Gym Jordan (you know the guy that allowed student-athletes to be abused under his watch?) demanded that Jeff Sessions appoint a second special counsel to investigate the claims of the drunken fever dreams of the right-wing entertainment shows?

I do, too. He was bitch slapped, as he should have been. You can watch it right here, and every time you get a fever-dream desire for a special counsel, you can watch it again.


Schumer turned down a chance to investigate a Republican DOJ/FBI/Special Council?


Adding senate resolution for special counsel will have lot of weight behind the demand. That’s why Schumer pulled it.


Why hasn’t Barr appointed an SC?

What is stopping him from doing so?

Why hasn’t Trump ordered him to start an investigation?


Why are you changing the topic from who killed the vote in the Senate?

What is Schumer afraid of?


We ll know libs will say it’s out of retaliation…and that Trump is abusing his authority. Well I say who care.

We need this investigated and those that abused their position/powers need to be hold accountable.

Why are libs afraid…don’ they want to know their beloved goverment is corrupt?


Because there is zero need for the Senate to put that amendment in - since Barr can appoint a SC to investigate.

You people who believe in “deep state” conspiracy should be asking why neither Trump has ordered an investigation nor has Barr, or Sessions before him.

Democrats know it is ■■■■■■■■ and a complete waste of time and resources - so why wouid they vote on anything calling for this nonsense to be investigated?


There is zero need for the resulution at all. It has no lawfull teeth behind it. It is nothing other than a feel good resolution. So adding a call for another special council has no effect either. Why doesn’t shumer want to go on record of how he would vote for that?

Optics of him ordering it.

So your saying it if were added in the senate, then it would be shot down in the house when the resolution with amendment’s goes back for a second vote?


Again having added weight of United States senate to push for SC will give it legitimacy.

What are you afraid of?


It is a “poison pill” to investigate how the justice department conducted its investigation? I was told for months that those who did nothing wrong would welcome an investigation. What is Schumer afraid such an investigation would show that would make it a “poison pill”?



His fanboys would be ecstatic.

No. I’m saying it’s a ridiculous amendment that no serious lawmaker should even spend one minute deliberating on.

There is nothing to investigate. It’s all a crazy made up conspiracy to get right wing nutjobs is a frenzy.

And that is why neither Trump or Sessions or Barr have ordered any investigations or asked for a SC to be appointed.


Look, I already told you what the point is. Republicans are in all out ‘‘Keep the Mueller Report Secret’’ mode.

Right now, that’s their total goal between now and the election in 2020. As a minority party, they can’t let that report become public.


They don’t have to deliberate anything. Graham says add this amendment, they vote to add the amendment (hmm why do I think no dems would vote for it). Then if it’s added they get to vote on the entire resolution. Then it would go back to the house for another quick vote. Could be done in a way that wouldn’t waste any more time than any number of time wasting resolutions and bill sthey pass every year.

What is Schumer afraid of?