Who Dis? Too far left to keep power?

They should be.

Joe Lieberman is a creep. Always has been, always will be. I have close family members who are/were in CT politics who have know him for years and others who were his classmates at Yale.

We knew he was not to be trusted.

I wonder if republicans listen to what Bob Dole says about their candidates.

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While wingnuts trashed him for years, Dole always remained a good partisan soldier. He endorsed Trump unequivocally. In contrast, Lieberman campaigned with and flat-out endorsed McCain in 2008.


I love the smell of desperation in the morning from these Trumpies. It’s hilarious watching them flail about in their death throes.


No one under 80 years old knows who the hell Joe Lieberman is.

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Nor do they care what he has to say. Lol

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I’m under 80. :frowning:


Hey, does anyone know what Pat Caddell thinks of Lieberman’s take on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?


I’m curious to know what John LeBoutillier’s take is on AOC personally.

Yes… we learn from Venezuela…

This woman has communicated a vision to young people (18-40) has said that there are goals and you will have to sacrifice for those goals if you want to achieve them(Green New Deal, Medicare-4-All).

Compare this with older democrats (just let us have power) Hell, they look like my grandparents. They’re not going to inspire anyone. The Republicans are all about not sacrificing for anything. They only seem to want to sacrifice is the grandchildren to debt.

Young people are looking to fight for something; they have energy to spend. I don’t know what the republicans are fighting for except to kick the immigrants out and building a great wall of america.

What’s really odd is every one of the republicans running things these days were young once. The folks from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s are running things. Good forbid the people from the 80s and 90s have a say so.

And there it is :laughing:

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Won’t someone stick up for Joe Lieberman? Also why call him aging when she didn’t? I assume “who dis?” is that he’s irrelevant not old.

Where are the fresh young voices in the Trumplican party?

Same old tired stuff they’ve been pedaling for years.

Democrats are very concerned about the opinion of the guy who was willing to be the Republican VP candidate in 2008.

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Good question. Whither the young guns of yesteryear? Paul Ryan’s out. Eric Cantor’s long gone. Scott Walker is out, but desperate for more government work.

Ted Cruz appears to have entered the witness protection program, where he’ll work as a hapless mate on a fishing trawler:

That leaves the GOP with noted sociopath Tom Cotton. No doubt, that guy’s taking notes on the Trump presidency to do the same thing, only smarter.


“Keep” Power ?!?

Dem House
Rep Senate
Rep President
conservative SCOTUS

What makes the OP think that the Dem.s are the party with power?

Spot on. This is why Republicans are scared ■■■■ less of this young lady.

The obvious explanation is that men have literally never seen a woman in her 20s in the halls of Congress before. She’s attractive, telegenic and good at social media. She dances outside her Rayburn office. Conservative men are confused at being drawn to this bright rising star in the Democratic Party while loathing everything she stands for.

Ocasio-Cortez’s power is a direct threat to conservatives because her very existence in Congress as a young, Latina, working-class woman threatens to upend the social order that has kept white men in the ruling class for centuries. (Eighty-eight percent of House Republicans are white men, most are over the age of 50, and [the party’s voters are majority white and male. On top of that, she is using her position and platform to directly challenge that order ― to attempt to get money out of politics, raise taxes on the super-rich and level the playing field.