Who Dis? Too far left to keep power?

Yeah, bla blah blah. Whatever. Joe Lieberman couldn’t win as a Democrat, or an Independent. He’s a nonentity and has been so for over a decade now. Starting a thread based on his opinion is pathetic and clueless.

You know who’s worried because they should be? Republicans. The more AOC and others talk about (unquestionably) popular policies like taxing really rich people more or implementing Medicare for all, the more it becomes commonplace to discuss these popular policies.

So please proceed with the scattershot-I’ve-lost-the-plot concern trolling. It’s like watching someone shoot at shadows and noises. LOL.


Man, that terrible verb shows the strain.

Non sequitur non sequituring out . . .


Yes, big govt loves big corps… See Obama care forcing people to buy from them…

meanwhile, here’s what top Republican leadership looks like:



The obsession with AOC is really amazing.


Lose voters in the long run? No problem. Open borders. A couple of amnesties. Everything will be fine.

at least She’s an honest democrat… Demographics makes her the dem future.

Democrats should totally pay attention to some has-been who once was Republican VEEP candidate.

Makes sense.

They be scared of her. The big strong manly men.

Now, take that a step further to find out why.

Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. Meanwhile your complete obsession with her is entertaining.

Republicans always need a boogey man. It’s all they are - 90% are excitable anti boogey man people, the other 10% are rich white guys who fleece their pockets and everyone else’s.

Maybe. The young people are definitely different, thats for sure.

Does Joe Leiberman still have “Joementum” or has it slowed down?


"Writing off speculation that he may make a poor showing in New hampshire and drop out of the race, Lieberman told CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer that his campaign is picking up, as he put it, “Joementum.”

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Joe Lieberman?!?


Yes, they know no history if raised in Cal or NY…

Yeah, 76 year old Joe Lieberman. The same guy who endorsed McCain over Obama, insisted he was an “Independent” while receiving more than $31M in campaign funds from special interest groups…that Joe Lieberman.

In 2008, during the campaign, some obscure, fuzzy video of Barack Obama on a panel emerged; in it, he discussed healthcare in a way that could be interpreted as supporting a single payer system. Wingnuts came here with it as a gotcha! It was damning. Universal healthcare! He’s a dangerous radical! Liberals and Democrats: ASSUME THE TIMID, DEFENSIVE CROUCH!

In 2018, you have charismatic and articulate people on the left (from AOC to Bernie) discussing this and other popular proposals openly and proudly. Glenn Beck’s Overton Window is moving. It’s bad new for Republicans, but I think the GOP may understand the situation better than Democrats, because they’ve been doing something similar with their dumb, unpopular policies for 40 years.

a boogie man like “rich white guys”…

The bottom line is they’re scared ■■■■■■■■ of her and what she represents.

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Yeah, unlike the savvy people raised elsewhere, who know that when it comes to the future of Democratic politics, the man to listen to, the man with his finger on the pulse, is . . . Joe Lieberman.

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