Who Dis? Too far left to keep power?

So a pundit. And a bad one at that. Cool. I say Trumpism should absolutely hang their hat on Twitter stars.

That’s hilarious… We love her. She’s perfect! I’m glad she’s honest…

Never heard of her. What office does she hold?

“She’s engaging attention and emotion in people at this visceral level,” Azarian said. “She has some combination of a lot of features that really seems to give her this ability to go viral. And I think that’s what Trump had.”

That’s why conservatives want and need to undercut her influence. And the most time-tested way to undermine a woman’s power is to sexualize her, to make her an object instead of an agent. A 2013 study by the Women’s Media Center found that merely discussing a female candidate’s appearance has a negative effect on her support from voters.

The moment at which you turn someone into a sex object, you put yourself in a position of authority over them, which is why sexual harassment is classified as being a form of gender discrimination in the workplace,” Heldman said. “They are the object who exists for you, and you are validating their worth.”

I hope she is the future of the demented Democrat Party, she is a media darling so there are enough photo’s of her crazy bug eyed image to expose the craziness of the D Party.

OAC…YOU GO girl! :smirk:

What office has the GOP elected Owens to? LOL

Devaluing women, funny how Republicans don’t do the same thing to males.

The problem for these men is that Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem interested in what they think of her. She doesn’t seek attention for anything other than her policy ideas and ambition, even though Americans still seem to dislike power-seeking women. The typical strategies men use to devalue women ― “sexualizing, dismissing, controlling, teasing, criticizing, interrupting, psychopathologizing, humiliating, abusing,” according to one psychologist ― seem to bounce right off her.

The average age of the Democratic House leadership is 72 years old, whereas the average age of Republican House leadership is 48 years old. Ha, ha!

I will ask again - where are the young fresh faces in the Republican Party.

I’m a woman and a Republican and YES INDEED I to the same to males!

For some reason the left is blind to Joe Biden’s name… He warning the seats dems picked up are not far left. I’m happy they compartmentalize him away…



You can virtually sense the fear dripping from every word Trumpublicans post about her.

Or Sweden?

It’s Republican darling Steve King! Couldn’t you just drown in those dreamy blue eyes?

Did the outlet reach out to Joe for this comment or did Joe just spew it out in a press release?

It’s like watching Loni Anderson or Howard Hesseman or whoever that guy that played Les Nessman is beg for relevance.

Lol Joe Leiberman.

You guys can leverage every pathetic insulting attack on this lady all you want. She’s young, she’s poor, she’s stupid, she’s radical, she danced with friends in college, she’s just a bartender, post fake nudes of her, misquote her, you’re so afraid of her but she doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit afraid of you.


The scariest thing about her is she’s a confident young woman. They HATE that.


Temporarily it will hurt the Democrats voters. In the long run, she’s physically
attractive, and the cool new thing on the block, so a lot of millennials will follow her.

Her ideals are already the Democratic Party bread and butter, they simply won’t admit
it because most Americans don’t want that yet.

Socialism starts with one Liberal Socialist Democrat (Bernie Sanders), now it’s gone to three. I wonder how many more Democratic Socialists the Democrats will elect in 2020?

You finally came up with something witty in “the ‘not sales’ tax”.