Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?


Ironic and projecting post is Ironic…and projecting.


Back at ya




So you agree that birtherism is a totally bankrupt theory and is wholly without merit?


That’s a few minutes of trump running his mouth after Hannity said “you got him to release it”.

Hannity then followed up multiple times saying that it was never his issue, and that his interest was in obama’s college transcripts.



Me? I’ve never said otherwise. Didn’t participate in the “One and Only” thread. It was never a consideration for me.


Since they were posting and speading outright falsehoods with their activities, do you really want to go down the road of equating what Russian trollbots were posting with what “regular US citizens were posting”?


This is so weak. Rush isn’t in any way questioning obama’s citizenship, or birth certificate. He was only discussing what he called “the origin” of the question, and whether obama and his book publisher created that confusion from the promotion of his AUTOBIOGRAPHY, where some materials apparently included the phrase “born in kenya, raised in indonesia”.


I seriously can’t remember if i ever heard that before.


Lol dude.

There’s words and there’s actions.

It may “not have been Sean’s issue”.

However, he devoted much airtime on both his radio and TV show to it.

So I ask again…what would it have looked like if the bither issue had been taken seriously?


Obama provided his birth certificate a couple years earlier and the foolish birthers wouldn’t accept it.


Did you know there were Japanese soldiers on Pacific Islands that refused to surrender or believe that WW2 was over for nearly 30 years after VJ Day??

I guess you have your orders.

Dead-enders are nuts.


No he didn’t. Plain and simple.


He did? Then what was that thing trump got him to show, and why on earth did he show it?

And once again, it was STUPID!


Yes…he did.

Quite a lot of time, actually.

At its height there would be weeks where there was a bit on it every day.

With only four hours broadcast time (less if you net out commercials), a ten minute bit on the subject every day would be a significant amount of time.


So donald trump is an idiot? Good to know.


Them loosing their credibility is funny to watch. lol.
The fact that they’re willing to betray their own country is pretty sick though.


Trump then went right back at it https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/17/us/politics/donald-trump-obama-birther.html

The mueller investigation already brought plenty of conspirators to answer for their crimes. There is no comparison whatsoever.


The country is not the president.


The same people who say libs are trying to deligitamize Trumps win are the same people who tried to deligitamize Obamas win with the birther nonsense


Obama provided his BC a couple of years before Trump came along. Despite that document being valid in any and all legal proceedings Trump and his fellow birthers requested the Long Form BC which Obama eventually provided.