Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?


Sorry, not gonna help you change the subject to save your thread.


Are you saying you don’t like foreign countries interfering with American things? Do you feel the way in reverse?


Most Presidents aren’t asked to show a birth certificate. Then again, most also aren’t subject to racially motivated attacks by an increasingly radicalized political right.


Correct, I don’t want other countries messing with our elections.

I’m a realpolitik kind of guy. It depends if our actions further our long term interests.


Save my thread. Everyone knows who started the russian collusion coup attempt, except apparently for the collusion dead-enders who are stil waiting for schiff and waters to save their dumb asses.

Traitors every one.


How do you feel about America messing in other countries elections?


Was I not clear, comrade? If it furthers our long term interests, I support it. I’m a realpolitik type when it comes to foreign policy.


Is that a tacit admission you believe Russia interfered in the 2016 elections, or just a rhetorical question?


People questioned george romney’s birth place when he considered running in the 60’s. And as your clip pointed out, there were contemporary questions in 2008 about mccain being born in Panama.

Snowflake obama and his racist race card always wanted a get out of answering questions free card because “historic”.

But once again, it was stupid. But at least it never rose to the point of taxpayer funded Congressional investigations, Intelligence Community investigations and hundreds of hours of media coordinated crackpot conspiracy.


And everyone knows that Republicans hired mueller and pushed birtherism for 8 years. Sorry this thread didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

I give a C for effort though.


The Alt left, with a straight face, is claiming a major nuclear power buying $5,000 of Facebook ads from some organization, is their idea of interfering with our election. A KGB guy Vladimir Putin (even though there hasn’t been a KGB since 1991) will destroy the USA by buying Face Book ads sowing the seeds of discontent, rendering our country paralyzed because his Facebook ads, with the memes, are so spectacular and so powerful! It’s laughable.


You start with a very bad premise with this OP

Here’s a link for correction.

and the appropriate clip from it

"Seventy-two percent of registered Republican voters still doubt President Obama’s citizenship, according to a recent NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll conducted in late June and early July of more than 1,700 registered voters. And this skepticism even exists among Republicans high in political knowledge. "

where one of the 28% or the 72%?



If you already believed you knew the answer to the question you were asking here…why did you ask it?

And even today close to 70% of Republicans polled doubt Obama’s natural-born citizenship.

And the BC “controversy” got a HUGE amount of airplay on the CEC AND there was a huge “one and only” thread in our own forum

What would it have looked like had the birther conspiracy actually been taken seriously?


Okay, got it. America can interfere but if another country interferes it is wrong.


Is that a “no, Russia didn’t interfere” then?



Did you miss the last sentence?


Just wanting to be clear, given that your comment about whether America interferes in other nations’ elections veered close to “What, you think our country’s so innocent?” territory.



Partisans, Political Pundits, propaganda news, and talk radio(Rush, the one who will not be named and all the 2nd and 3rd string wannabees).