Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?


“But Democrats started birtherism!”

Which if true makes the CEC promotion of that nonsense all the more hilarious.


Republicans hired Mueller and pushed birtherism for 8 years.

Don’t be embarrassed that this thread is funny. Get really aggressive.


I’d hardly call that a serious discussion. And Hannity showing a clip of The View coven screaming over trump for saying he wants to see the BC is hardly Hannity giving “a platform to trump’s birtherism”. But I’ll grant you, it was not worth the 8 minutes he dedicated to that segment.

Anything else?? Nothing splashed across the mainstream media for months on end?? Millions of taxpayer $$$ spent investiagting?? IC officials calling obama a “traitor”??


How did the Russians help get Trump elected?


Zero credibility.

But since I’ve got you here, let me remind everyone here how you were running around the board accusing people of being russians, and claiming “treason”.

Kooky birthers have nothing on the colluder kook traitors,


I’m not going to spend hours linking to every example of Fox or talk radio promoting birtherism. It’s out there if you care to look.


Can’t back up your fraudulent claim.



Hacking and releasing Democratic emails.

A coordinated social media ad campaign in Trump’s favor.

Just a couple of ways. These are indisputable.


Anyone who has been paying attention knows it is a completely accurate portrayal of what happened.

Why spend my time providing links to someone who wouldn’t care even if I brought forth 100?


“A coordinated social media ad campaign in Trump’s favor.”

What were the Russians posting any different than what regular US citizens were posting?


Right wing media and their followers have done more damage to America than russia xpuld have ever hoped to do…

And they did it all in the name.of ad revenue…


dimocrats and their media allies hate this country and will openly tell you they want to change everything about it, and currently endorse changing, abusing or eliminating at least 6 different Constitutional Amendments, and have liitle regard for the others.


Explain please?


Donald played footsie with birtherism for a long time.


Don’t forget the left’s big contingent of truthers… lol!

Collusion delusion was Proven…


So, your argument (to make this thread work) is to deny that Republicans hired Mueller and pushed birtherism for 8 years.

Again, it’s smart to get really aggressive.


Who Actually Damaged Our Country? Birther IDIOTS, or russian Colluder CoupTraitors?

I’ll go with groups that come up with cutesly talking points like this who think they are contributing something of actual substance for $1,000 Alex.


For one, they were spending over a million a month. Second, they were using fake accounts. Lastly, what they did was illegal.

Why do these things have to be explained? This is what happens when y’all just run around yelling “FAKE NEWS! HOAX! WITCH HUNT!” You don’t even know actual facts.


Which was kooky. But hey, he got obama to finally show his BC, which I believe we all agree, he hadn’t done up to that point.


Just taking on a small part of your contiuing zero credibility arguments. So you agree that john mccain was a sleaze then??