White Supremacist convicted of Terrorism in NYC

A White Supremacist was convicted of Terrorism charges this week in NY after murdered an unarmed black man in hope to start a race riot.

A white Baltimore man — bent on sparking a “global total war on” black people — pleaded guilty to murder and terrorism on Wednesday for a racist slaying in New York City nearly two years ago, prosecutors said.

The trial of James Harris Jackson, 30, was supposed to start on Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, before he admitted to the killing of Timothy Caughman, 66.

sounds like he’s a racist kook. And he murdered someone. How is that terrorism?

because of his motivation.

Here’s the applicable law:

1. A person is guilty of a crime of terrorism when, with intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a unit of government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of a unit of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping, he or she commits a specified offense

oh, a thought crime. Usually I think of terrorist as killing lots of people for politics or religion.

Do we need to build a wall around the town he grew up in?

Those are thoughts.

You don’t think that attempting to start a race war is a political motivation?

But, only one person was stabbed…

Yeah, you’re right. Only one murder. No big deal.

Wait, what?

Wat? It’s only terrorism if there are multiple victims?

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Your really trying to defend this position that this crime wasn’t an act of terrorism?

Yes… a civilian population

Yes his motivation was to intimidate and coerce the civilian population of NYC into a race war.

No, I’m more worried they are going to make everything terrorism.

How is trying to start a race-war between white and black people any different then trying to start a religious war between Islam and everyone else?

Someone murdering a man to incite a race war is and always will be terrorism.

This is not some vague step in a slippery slope. Have no fear.

Literally no country on earth sets the bar at multiple victims.

There don’t even need to be victims at all, just an attempt.

but this dude is white not some Muslim.

In this case it’s the amount of people trying to start a race-war between white and black people compared to Islamic terror.

This is where the left can’t do math. 1 kook = millions of Islamic terrorists.

It’s silly…