The mentally unhinged at Trumps rally in el paso (2-10-2019)

What is it with Republican and their inability to admit their side is at fault for anything.

We had Republicans defending a White Terrorist in NY because he only killed one person.

Prove he was a republican…

prove that he wasn’t.

Who were they? And did they say they were republicans?

That is such a lazy argument and one that is repeated by individuals when they refuse to see what is right in front of them.

Did you read the article that I linked to? Do you think the journalist is making it up that Trump fires up his base by treating journalists like they are the enemy?

As I said before a journalist could be murdered at a Trump rally and Trump supporters would continue to call it fake news.

And people wonder why Trump supporters get referred to as a cult!!!

That’s it? That’s the evidence that you are using to tarnish 100 million decent republicans? Why would you do such a thing?

Nope. Nobody is wondering that at all. Because only political enemies of the president make this reference. So who cares? They are hysterical anyway.

I’m not tarnishing 100 million decent republicans, I’m tarnishing idiots who can’t accept a someone in their club attacked a camera man because their ego.

Trump supporter are worse at accepting fault in their ranks then crackheads… nothing is ever their fault its a false flag!

Interesting choice of words “political enemies”. Its almost as if you want to treat this as a war which implies there will be casualties. I would have thought political opponent is more apt.

Then again I dont support a man who constantly whines and cries about being under attack and being a victim…

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I know right? And liberals are simply awesome at accepting fault. They love to admit fault. They are angels from heaven. :joy:

do liberal often claim everything negative about them is a false flag or fake news?

Republicans lost the House.

We don’t know who this was or what their motive was. They have his picture…find him.

Trump would wind down his attacks on the media but they play so well. You can’t give up something that fun, can you?

It can be…remember the girl with the letter carved in the backward letter? (wonder if she still has that mark?)
There have been a number of false flags politically.
All that we know is that someone grabbed the cameramen. If they have his picture…find him.

If your first response is anytime someone in your “Group” is slander is “False Flag”.

there is something wrong with you.

Certainly not my first response. My continued response is that we don’t at this point know who that was or why they did what they did.