The mentally unhinged at Trumps rally in el paso (2-10-2019)

"The BBC reports the unidentified Trump supporter twice almost knocked Skeans and his camera over as he “shoved and swore” at other members of the press and yelled ■■■■■ the media” before security escorted him away.

“Fortunately our cameraman is fine, he is made of stern stuff,” O’Donoghue told the “Today” program on BBC Radio 4. He called it “an incredibly violent attack” and said the “goading of the crowds against the media” is “a constant feature” of Trump’s rallies."

attacked a BBC cameraman just doing his job.


Hopefully the gentleman get the help he needs.


He should have been arrested.

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“Liberal plant” coming soon.

History repeating itself Lügenpresse!! worrying

I mean, attacking the BBC? Come on.

Hmm, I wonder where they’re getting all of this anger for the media from.


Where do you think?

BBC is fake news, dontchaknow.


BBC does not equal USA

Wow…a Trump supporter…and he’s a minority? Can you believe it? I guess maybe Trump supporters aren’t really racist or…the guy was planted or…both?

Minorities can’t be racists?

…against their own race? I’d label it…difficult…at best.

Called it!


Is he a plant because he is a minority?

Are Trump supporters racist?

It’s called internalized racism. Look into it.

Some Trump fans love to remind everyone that George Soros is actually a Jew-hating Nazi. Hell, some Republicans think Democrats hate white people despite the vast majority of Democrats being, in fact, white people. But apparently a black guy at a Trump rally disproves racism. Haha.

This is one of the things I was worried about occurring with a Trump presidency. When you have a president who is constantly spouting angry vitriol, that vitriol is going to spill over to some of his supporters. This is an example of how that plays out.

Someone who is an adult should know how to handle themselves in public much better than this idiot did. Unfortunately, the more the angry vitriol from the Oval Office increases, the more we are going to see this kind of violence. It is degrading at least a portion of our society.


I’ve never thought of you as stupid. Glad you could figure this easy one out…without me.

Is Donnie ■■■■■■■ paying his legal fees?

Agreed. Trump raged about reporters before and after this incident occurred last night.

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Back to arguing about reality.