White house official mocks dying McCain


the people who need to apologize to the public are the ones who made the comment public.

Explain in detail why you disagree with this. Be specific.


Oh so now non-public comments do not get public apologies.

All these new random rules you guys invent are staggering, it is very hard to keep up.


because you don’t blame the messenger?

Specifically speaking in detail, the person who delivers the message?


there you go again. saying something i didn’t say. you just told a lie about me since i never said “wanting people to die”.

now, it appears this is coming as a shock to you but you and i won’t be around in 50-75 years to voice our opinions/vote/argue on message boards. the next generations will be and if they (like the generations after the slave owners) decide that gay and transgender rights are important (or in the past by not allowing humans to own/buy and sell humans and eventually giving slaves equal rights) is important then they’ll correct it.

this stuff isn’t new. it’s the way it works. it’s why some of Andrew Jackson’s opinions/policies aren’t popular today.


so how is your point of view different from that of Kelly Sadler? She was looking at his opposition to a political appointee. And she said basically what you said… problem will be solved after they die.


White House aide Kelly Sadler promised Meghan McCain she would apologize publicly for mocking her father’s health, a source familiar with the conversation has told CNN, but Sadler has yet to do so. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/13/politics/mccain-joke-kelly-sadler-meghan-mccain/index.html


My apologies for the word BOTH. I should have just stated that imo the idea of the leaker or journalist being heroes is “rubbish”.

There should be lie detector tests for everyone within ear shot of the comment. You can’t have traitors within the WH team.


I guess the decency patrol is taking a break now that their squad leader got… caught in the middle between condemning those who say the problem will be solved when certain people die and saying the same thing himself.

Funny how that works.


“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”



Cancer is never a joke


Well theres that


True Dat! You go girl!


this song is for those who are all alone, having decried those who make supposedly vile statements and then are caught making the same statements themselves. No one to defend the hypocrisy. Now all alone. Just look up … so the tears won’t fall.


Why? Who does it help? McCain or his family? If every off-the-cuff remark made in private becomes fodder for the news then we might as well all stop talking to each other.

It was NOT a public comment that was the view of the Trump administration. It was actually none of your business because it was not directed at you or for your edification or information.

The person who leaked the comment betrayed the trust of a co-worker and the reporter who posted it just showed that they only care about trying to sully the Trump administration with a non-story about nothing the administration was saying.

We get it.



You forgot to source this last time I asked. Got one this time?


She has.




If you know about it, someone made it public.


Yeah- Meghan McCain. But where is the promised ‘public apology’? I believe that means that the offender says “I am sorry” in public.


as I said… if you know about it, then it has been made public.

(unless you got this information directly from Kelly or Meghan)