White house official mocks dying McCain


I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t believe it. And it’s not B.S. It was a stupid thing to say and should not have been covered up.


Calling the leaker and “journalist” **hero’**s is the nonsense.

The person deserved a reprimand and the leaker deserves firing.


You do understand that your “tree” reference worked against your POV? You’re on a roll today…and me too…on the floor that is…:rofl:


The speaker should have been fired. In a more balanced White House, she would have been. And the leaker performed a public service. I hope there are plenty more where that came from.


It doesn’t if you believe people have responsibility for actions in closed-door meetings thought to be unleakable.


now here is an interesting post…
I’m sure you will defend it too.
And yet the poster just casually says that you need people to die.


Yes, because if slave owners were still alive today our society would be exactly the same as it is now. Or those against women voting. Or those against separating from England.



so the comment “a little more time for transgender people” is a reference to the past? Nice try.

As I said… you will defend it. But you are clearly welcoming a future day when your cultural/political opponents die.


No I’m not. That is a lie your telling about me.

I’m saying that many times people (like slave owners, etc), have to die and a new generation has to take over for huge change to happen. Well, unless you think George Washington could be resurrected today and he’d be cool with women voting.



Here is your post. The thread was about transgenders.

"It just takes us time. Time to consider blacks to be humans. Time to let women vote. Time to let gay people marry. Time to let women serve. And a little more time for transgender people.

We always fix these idiotic problems but so often it’s only after certain groups of people die off.

Just posting an apology would be the decent thing to do.


Dude, this is how things work.

C- for trying too hard.


I wonder… are you talkin about me when you say the problem will go away when I die?

I have cancer. Had surgery, radiation, and chemical therapy. Still got it.

John McCain isn’t the only one with cancer.


You mean, except for the Obama WH? You guys acted like you had a liberal Trump, when all you really had was a Morgan Freeman.

Remind me again, if the comment was so tasteless and crude, why a public apology isn’t in order? It would literally be the simplest thing in the world, yet to you guys treat it like a cross to a vampire.


Of course not. I’m talking about whole groups of people (like those that believed in slavery, women not voting, etc). Massive change comes when the next generation comes along with different opinions. Just like will happen with gay people. transgenders, etc.

This has happened over and over. The founders probably think your opinions are nuts.


apology is impossible for some. But the apology did come from the person who made the comment. You seldom see that except from truly decent people.


a public apology is impossible how, exactly? Please specify in detail.


I was referring to those in the forum who should apologize for saying that he’s waiting for people like me to die so that the opposition to transgenders in the military problem goes away. Its impossible.

Please specify in detail how you could have misunderstood.


so if you arnt talking about me when posting about waiting for people to die in order to get your transgender agenda… who are you waiting for to die? I am opposed to transgender in the military. And I’m dying. So who else fits your description?


okay. Now that we’re finished talking about your personal squabble on this board, please explain why there is no public apology for the McCain comments.


The comment wasn’t public. the comment wasn’t made about the public. The person that did make the comment did apologize to a family member of McCain.

Anything else is just politics.