White house official mocks dying McCain


There is no defense of her comments simply pointing out that at some point in their lives everyone says something stupid, hateful and or hurtful, it’s the nature of people to do so.

This phony outrage over an innocuous private comment that was true is the problem. It’s disgusting and it’s a great example of how the wheels are coming off this country in a hurry.

If we were to accept half the crap you folks have spouted since election day we’d already be embroiled in a civil war.


That’s a defense and an attack on those who have called her out. And the explanation of why it has been called out has been explained to you multiple times in this thread to your stubborn self. Maybe if you and others would stop making excuses for every vile thing done in this administration, you wouldn’t have to suffer so much.


Ya calling out someone for making fun of a dying Senators brain cancer is going to embroil us in civil war. And then you say WE are blowing this out of proportion? Hahahaha


It’s simply reality. What she said was.

[quote=“WildRose, post:7, topic:696, full:true”]
Yah, stupid, classless, and tasteless even if true.
[/quote]It wasn’t a criminal act, it was’t a lie, and it wasn’t directed at McCain or his family, it was said in private.

Anyone who claims they’ve never said something similar insensitive or tasteless is a liar.
Those who are acting like this is the worst offense since Pearl harbor day are a bunch of lying hypocrites.


I never made such a statement, stick to the truth.


The other day I listened to a video where in it was John McCain’s cellmate in Viet Nam. The cellmate was the most decorated soldier since General McArthur. The deep rooted praise he had for McCain was so genuine, pure and admirable, I felt ashamed for my criticisms of his politics even though I’m aware they’re mutually exclusive. It was a very moving testimony.


It really isn’t that hard to separate the two. I served with a bunch of people I had frequent political disagreements with but never let it get in the way of respecting them for what they did.


No one’s doing any of that. Quit blowing this way out of proportion just so you can defend the big R


You haven’t even read the thread so you have no idea what you’re saying.

Nebraska flat out stated otherwise.

Before trolling, try reading.


Agreed but damn…it was one of the most moving testimonies I’ve ever heard.


Blowing it out of proportion?

Try reading the damned thread.

This is among the worst things ever uttered in all of US politics apparently.


You should re-read what he said. Plus, he didn’t mention Pearl Harbor


I’m still wondering how this became news, and why it became news.

Someone says something tasteless in a closed door meeting. Someone else leaks it.

How did this become such a big deal?


This would be like Trump punching someone in the face and Wild Rose coming in here saying “you’re no angel you probably punched someone in junior high!!!”


Because this white house couldn’t hold water if the bucket came with multiple handles.


There it is…the reverse racism tactic…
I’m not racist you are!
I’m not sexist you are!
I’m not a homophobe you are!
I’m not exploiting the issue you are!



Get out the parsing signal!


'cause people are defending it.


That’s BS and we both know it.


No one’s blowing this out of proportion. No matter where it was said, the responsibility for saying it is still there. Sort of like when a tree falls in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it.