White house official mocks dying McCain


God, I hate hate hate to agree with ish :blush: but we know about it. I’m personally ok with that apology.


As long as the perceive a political use, they will exploit this as well as all things McCain. If she makes a public apology, then that wont be good enough either.
What they really are after is Trump and everyone knows it, and he had nothing to do with this.


But as it turns out, it can be exploited for political purposes by third parties.


She privately called McCain to apologize, and said she would issue a public apology, according to McCain. Get real.


yeah. It’s predictable. It really really seems like a mental illness of some kind too. We make fun of TDS but I think Nov 8, 2016 was the beginning of a real mental condition. In another thread about the Charlottesville riot and the white supremacist that killed that woman, I even suggested that a more severe charge should have been used - Capital Murder - for a death that results from a terrorist action. But because I was not agreeing that he intentionally killed that woman, the libs wanted to argue about it as though I was defending the guy.

We play with these people because it’s so easy. But maybe we should ease up on them. They are really really sick… seeing racists everywhere, Russians everywhere, etc. And even when I showed that lib here that he said the same thing as Kelly whatshername in a different post in a different context, there is denial… probably a real belief that it could not be so.

But no… can’t ease up on them. They vote. It’s better if they just keep up this wacky behavior till they go catatonic.


Either she reported it to the press or Meghan McCain (more likely) did. I think rather than pour more salt on the wounds, I’d want to close this episode for the good of all concerned.


From the movie A Matter of Life and Death, about nurse and thanatologist Joy Ufema:

“Either one is alive or dead, and if dead, the morgue needs to be notified.”

I agree 100% with that line.

The remark should never have been made.


The president is responsible for everyone that works for him. That’s how it works. The guy at the top is responsible for those under him.


Dang. Spend a Mother’s Day with the family and get accused of running off. Not surprising.


Good for you and your family.
My mother was one of those you referred to that needed to die off to help you with that problem of transgenders in the military. I’m sure she would not have approved. But your goal is just a little closer now with her gone.


Now all four service chiefs have said they are okay with trans people

tell me again … who else needs to die off so that there is more support for transsexuals in the military?

And how is your comment any different than the one that Kelly Sadler made about McCain?


Acting intentionally obtuse is very troll-ey of you. Everyone here knows CITM was not calling for people to die. Good gravy man. He was making the very accurate claim that new generations of people often times are more accepting of change, and as new generations come into existence, old generations leave this world, then in turn often times change occurs as a result. But you knew that.


Dang. Say you spent Mother’s Day with the family and get THAT ^.

Not surprising.


Thanks for saving me the energy.


Meghan McCain isn’t okay with it. She wants the public apology she was promised. Is she being ordered not to apologize from the top? It would be so easy, I’m straining to find an explanation as to why she doesn’t do it.


I wouldn’t hold your breath on a public apology from Sadler or the White House.


Please post some evidence where Kelly Sadler CALLED ON MCCAIN TO DIE.

“We always fix these idiotic problems but so often it’s only after certain groups of people die off.”

certainly sounds a lot like

“It doesn’t matter. He’s dying anyway” when referring to McCain’s opposition to Haspel.


that apology must be reeeeealy hard for you.


Doubling down on the intentionally obtuse approach. That’s something, I guess.


…and I’m not holding my breath on an apology from the decency squad.