Where In the World is Nancy Pelosi?


Did you really feel the need to turn this country into a punchline? Did you know that it was going to be this dysfunctional?


America. How about you?

You’re not here illegally are you?


Interesting. What freedom have I gained under Trump?


Hopefully that’s true.

Did they teach you that Senators don’t vote for speaker of the house? Did they also teach you that the Speaker is elected at the beginning of every Congress?


I might give Donald credit for things that are actually in his power to do.

Like resign.


You know when you’re trying to have an intellectual debate with someone
and they don’t listen, so then it goes from a debate to a pointless conversation?



Trump isn’t in the mood to make any deals.

The last time he met with Pelosi he left after a few minutes.

But he’s claiming to want to make a deal? Give me a break.


I’ve never heard any Democrat say that before ever.

Especially, nobody on the biased mainstream Liberal Media.


All spin aside. I absolutely love the policies that he has put in place. I have some complaints. He should have pushed harder for the wall when republicans held the house. He may have been over confident. But he has done 1000 times more than Kasich or Jeb would have done. Not completely satisfied. But fairly happy.


What’s your favorite policy of his?


Democrats really are the root of all evil, aren’t they? Not even Tiny can withstand their infernal powers.


Who’s tiny?

I never said Democrats are the root of all evil. You did.


The destruction of ISIS as an effective fighting unit. You can’t kill em all. But he certainly has thumped them, Badly.

The reduction of government regulations and the government hiring freeze. Resulting in a small reduction in the size of government. And economic growth.

My least favorite? The omnibus budget submitted by big spending republicans. Again, he was probably overconfident believing that they would still be in charge and he would be able to negotiate a better deal this year. Poor choice. And he needs to wait a few hours before actually sending any tweets. He had to walk back his Syrian force reduction plan because he did not listen to his advisors. His stubbornness is his biggest flaw, in my opinion.


It was a fight we were winning before Trump ever took over. Look it up. Thanks for noticing.

What regulation repeal has the biggest impact on your life?


You asked for my opinion and I gave it. I am not obligated to justify it in any form. Take it or leave it.


I’m still asking for your opinion. What regulation change has affected your life the most?


That’s hilarious. “Don’t you dare ask me to explain what I’m talking about!”


There’s never any real discussion about government regulations. It’s just reflexive ideology, more bad, fewer good. Most people have no idea what these regulations are or why they exist in the first place.


It gets exhausting constantly answering question after question from Democrats on here
while we don’t get hardly any answers in return.

He already gave an answer.

Normally when you put something in quotations, doesn’t it mean that you’re
quoting what the person actually said? What is this fake news CNN? lol.


Odd, that you are under the assumption that that’s what you’re dong.