Where In the World is Nancy Pelosi?


Like Ignoring an ambassadors request for security…

Like bombing Libya for no reason?..

Getting selling guns to Mexican gangs and getting law enforcement killed perhaps?

Or letting ISIS rise.


The Democratic Politicians are really good at spending other peoples

It’s part of their Socialist dream. Where it’s a one party system.
And they control everything and everyone. Especially their money!


I’m sure he was just reviewing the hurricane relief…


I want to review the hurricane relief too???



Doesn’t tippy tippy tops Cortez want to get rid of ICE?

I guess she just wants completely open boarders.


Did you forget what Ryan did in the middle of the shutdown? He adjourned the House and went home. He’s not exactly the role model you want to lean on.

Never thought I’d see the day where a president denies Congress the recommended military protection while traveling to a war zone. And yes, it’s as the expense or government, just like Ryan’s trip was at the expense of government.


I think all dems now want open borders. She’s the future of their party. It’s demographics…


Speaker Ryan isn’t a Republican. He’s a closet Democrat.

You can have him. I think that both parties should use less taxpayer money
for their vacations, and for private jets.

Especially when they could simply just call each other over the phone like Lorretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, that met for 20 minutes to talk about their “grandchildren”.

What about Global Warming, and the taxpayers money though?


Unfortunately, I think that most of them have wanted open borders for awhile.

It may be to late, and the Americans that kept voting for the Democratic Politicians,
may have shot all Americans in the foot, so to speak.


That’s a really silly statement. He was elected speaker of the house by nearly every elected House Republican.

If you’re going to say these things, at least have some plausible basis, otherwise you’ll just look desperate.


She’s probably on a plane. Flying commercial.:rofl:


Never thought I’d see the day when the Speaker of the House would deny a president a chance to deliver the State of the Union, but here we are.

Thanks nancy!


Never thought I’d see the day when Republicans demand Secret Service work overtime for no reason without pay because Trump has shut down the government for over a month and he wants to give a speech no one really cares about.

One is about a speech no one cares about and one is about protection for Congressmen and women. You get there’s a difference between those two things, right?


It’s a good thing boehner and ryan reeled in the excess and extravagance.

nancy is too fancy for all of the “little people.”


Do you mean he was elected by the Republican Establishment before Trump got into office? By people like John McCain? John McCain who voted for Obamacare?

His wife was a Lobbyist in Washington DC, and was pretty Liberal.

He ran for vice president under Mittens(Mitt Romney). That right there says a lot in
general, since we know what kind of person Mittens is.


Pelosi!? Never!

That would be like going to Walmart and smelling how disgusting those Deplorables are.

Plus if she flew commercial she might have to pay for it even though she’s a multi millionaire, instead of the taxpayers.


I know! That’s the sad thing though. So many Democratic Voters actually
think that the Democrat Politicians care about them.

They always talk about the one percenters and aim it at the Republicans,
when they themselves are part of that one percent! lol.


You don’t really understand how the government works. What country are you from?


Now you have seen that day and have lived to tell about it. You might want to peek out your window to see if pigs are flying.


With Trump in office, you’ll get to see a lot more days in general.
So many days while still having more freedoms. Instead of having them taken
away, like the Democratic Party keeps trying to.