Where In the World is Nancy Pelosi?


When did he cure cancer?


Wording is everything my friend. It’s a question, not a statement.

If he cured Cancer would you give him credit for it, and would you still hate him?


There’s only one way to find out.

Trump isn’t going to cure cancer so I guess you’ll never know.


I’m basically just asking you, if there is anything that Trump could do that you would give him credit for?

Or anything you could do so you wouldn’t hate him?

Serious questions.


I doubt it’s a serious question but what the hell.

Sure, if Trump cures cancer, I’d give him a warm kudos for that.

Do you actually believe me or is this just a waste of time?


Donald turns 73 in June. Melania turns 49 in April. 24 year age difference.

Do you bother to think before you post drivel like this, or is it your intention to look foolish deliberately?


He could resign.

Serious answer.


Since Sept. 11th 2001, the Speaker of the House has travelled exclusively by military aircraft.

It’s a security issue.


Air Force One isn’t an airplane. It’s a call sign. Same with Air Force Two.


Looks like you’re wrong again.


Never said it was.

Man you’re good at being wrong.


Paul Ryan flew on a military plane to visit troops in Afghanistan late last year.


Wow. What a catch. You got the tater now.


People do know that Dem want to Puerto Rico to review the hurricane relief right?


But would you still hate him overall?


I don’t hate him. I feel bad for him. He has no business being president. He’s only going to hurt himself and those around him.


Is he hiding behind the immoral walls of her Napa compound?..


Now that’s comedy…!


Who cares??

And it wasn’t in the middle of a shutdown and he wasn’t required to if he did.

Told you all nancy would NEVER go unless it was taxpayer funded. What a coward and a fraud!


So would you give Trump any credit if he cured cancer?

Bob Menendez is about 66 years old. That girl looks like 22.
That’s a difference of 44 years old.

I can count also. Plus Donald is Married to Melania.

Is that Menendez’s wife do you think?