Where In the World is Nancy Pelosi?

Why do Democrats hate America? Tiny wants to MAGA and Democrats won’t let him.

Are you speaking Spanish? or in a language that only fellow
Democrats can understand?

Seriously dude, *** are you talking about?

He has cut 22 regulations for every new one enacted. This is simply amazing to me. My favorite is probably the elimination of Obama’s clean power act. Have you seen gas prices lately? Wonderful! His energy plan affects me and you in a most positive way. And limiting power plant emissions and replacing power plants with solar and wind could have destroyed our economy and made energy unaffordable for the middle class. I am not opposed to alternative energy. But do it without punishing the consumer. Find something viable.

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Oil is a global commodity. How did eliminating the clean power act affect the price?

The Clean Power Plan doesn’t affect gas prices. Have your utility prices gone down?

tell that to the activists in Paris wearing yellow vests

Tell them what? I asked a question. Can you answer it?

you said that oil was a global commodity, and I told you to tell that
to the people of Paris, because they’re protesting because of the
horrible gas prices over there.

Democrats want us to be more like the government over there, and yet
look at them?

So you can’t answer the question. Why didn’t you just say so?

You betcha they gave the finger to the working class on their way out. There problem is it’s going to take a long time for them to get the results they are wanting with them. It doesn’t matter if they bring in another million democrat voters into California.

No. I can’t.

Can you answer mine?

You didn’t ask one.

Do you think that the Democrat Politicians want America to be more like
the government over in the EU?



When I was a child I would watch this.

I was thinking of this song, when I came up with the idea
for the Name of this Thread.

This is one of those songs, that will just never get old. lol.

Where in the World is Bernie Sanders? After he got into trouble with the whole
women scandal, he’s disappeared. Why? I think that Conservatives need to keep
their eyes on him for the Presidential election for 2020.

My opinion is to keep the public up to date on his misdoings, and
what he’s really like.


Who are the Puppets, and who are the Puppeteers?

I’d say that Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are 2 Puppeteers,
and I would call Bernie Sanders the third. Either that or they’re Larry,
Moe, and Curly, except not nearly as funny as the actual show. The 3 Stooges.

We’re already use to Nancy and Chucky, but each time the Democrats are behind
in say something like the Senate and the Presidency, they’re going to continue
to push further towards a Stooge called Bernie. Ultimately, it will be a Socialist
Bernie Party, and the rest of the Stooges will have to fall in line behind him.

I’m just curious how far the stooges Nancy and Chucky are going to allow Bernie
and the other Democratic Candidates to push to the Radical Left Wing Socialism
before “faking” and “appealing” to the moderates in the middle of the spectrum for votes?

Then again, Yay for Conservatives, that I think that by pushing to far to the left,
the Three Stooges are going to Alienate their own base, and lose not
only the Presidency, but the house again also.

I’m not ganna lie. Sometimes I come onto this thread, simply to listen to the Carmen
Sandiego song, and it makes me laugh and happy. Especially, since I relate
it to Nancy Pelosi. Lol.

Scroll up. It’s a couple posts up from this one. lol.

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Where in the world in Nancy Pelosi?

She is Protected from Illegal Immigrants that come across the Mexican border! That’s for sure! lol