Where does black privilege matter?

Why not?

racism is bad….do i really need to explain why racism is bad.



I remember back in school looking the word up and the definition was simply “ an ignorant person “.

He was one isolated incident. They never knew his name. You are being ridiculous.

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Racism is human nature. It exists in all cultures, cibilized or not … regardless of race.

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i disagree. you have to be taught to be a racist. a baby doesnt care what color people are.


Which is exactly what happens. That has happened for as long as civilization has existed. It is inherent in humanity.

You would think it says that there is none who is good somewhere?

It is people who believe that folks are basically good who have the impossible row to hoe.

Having bias, even regarding race, does not automatically mean you aren’t good.

Babies are not blank slates.

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and shouldnt.

how come i am not a racist?

not taught.


hence our disagreement. of course they are. the nurture vs nature long term argument.


You’re wrong. Science.

science?. the same science that has man causing climate change and the righties denying it?

racism is not hard wired into the brain at birth.


This is true: the sin nature has different bents, weaknesses. Some things will attract, some repel … say theft or violence … while others, such as lying, do not require any effort to teach but require effort to overcome.

Yes. Science. You are perpetuating a myth out of ignorance.

See: Haidt

i counter with Tabula Rasa.


and of course Skinner.


You’re wrong.