Where does black privilege matter?

We hear about white privilege, I guess it’s ok to talk about black privilege too?
I’ll start.

Police chief
The federal government at any level
Corporate America
News anchor/reporter
Wheel of Forune contestant
Any Company who uses DEI.

Any others?



I missed these “thought” threads. :heart_eyes:


But definitely true.
And what exactly does it reveal? That I’m paying attention? You can ask me exactly how I feel. I’m right here. No need to assume. Your current assumption is wrong.

Right? The forum is better when I’m here. I agree with you.
But my point is rock solid. Right?

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So what is black privilege and how does it manifest itself?

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I can go on social media after one of these posts and discover all of a certain segment of the population having a meltdown over yet another perceived hurt and indignity.

Never thought I’d live to see the day that one American political party would use social media like fifth graders to foment hurt feelings and absurdist victimhood.





Honestly, I despise the term white privilege. Because that includes me. And I struggled my a$$ off for years. No privilege in sight. I’m just pushing back a little. In the examples given, it means that race matters. And if you’re looking for work in any of those fields, it’s an advantage to be black. If you are, you’re in high demand.


Not understanding what white privilege means is part of the problem you are having.

The left hasn’t helped the issue by calling too many things privilege.
@WuWei got it right - majority privilege

And black privilege exists in this country within certain communities where they are the majority

Wheel of Fortune?

You’re out of touch. I’ve worked for several multinational corporations. There is no way in hell that being black here is a disadvantage. Zero people in corporate America believe that it is. You need to catch up. This ain’t 1965 and race baiting don’t work no mo.

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The letter boxes are white!

Notice how they surround the black letters

Ok that’s enough now :joy:


Not understanding that being black in the professional world is an advantage is a problem that you’re having. Being obsessed with race is a problem that the entire democratic party is having. Normal people are pretty much tired of it.


You literally started a thread on race. Heal thy self etc

A thread that would have made more sense like 3-4 years ago.

Or, at least, a thread pointing out the virtue signaling of DEI (which has become an obsession) in action.

The lib reaction to it smack of “truth-hurts”.

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Do you have any data to back this up?

Which one of those fields has above 15% black people?

How so?

Thinking black privilege exists in those roles/fields

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DEI isn’t the subject. You decided to read that into the thread and then claim victory via snide. Nice!