Where did all the workers go?

Here on earth 1 your rantings are bitter fantasy much like your hero.

And yet you denied none of the things I said. Wonder why🤔

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So there’s essentially no limit what a parent will pay for a Happy Meal?

Aren’t we always just one more new government program from the promised utopia?

I taught my daughters not to have children they can’t personally pay for, no relying on men who may or may not step up to the plate. I taught them to support themselves, not rely on a husband. Otherwise you run the very real risk of being put in a bad situation where you have to stay with an abusive husband so the kids get fed or leaving and not being able to support them. Not a risk any woman should take imo. That advice goes for my male nephews as well, don’t have kids you can’t personally provide for. I don’t care if your new girlfriend is rich, you aren’t and if she leaves you will be getting a hefty child support bill, better be prepared to pay it.


The number of deaths per year is a good way to estimate the likelihood of dying from something.


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You have to know this is complete crap. Someone brought up a likelihood. Raw numbers don’t apply here. You have to weigh it against the whole. One of a thousand is far different than 1 of a 100.

…if she leaves you will be getting a hefty child support bill, better be prepared to pay it.”

I’ve definitely taught my daughter NOT to become a parent outside marriage and not to have any children she and her husband—not bf, fiancé or baby daddy, her HUSBAND—can’t reasonably afford.

Also a good idea is not deceiving another human being about birth control or withholding information about paternity in the event pregnancy results. Have the sensibilities only to have children both want and can afford.

However, a few posters don’t seem to get that the Dominic Luberto story I posted involved a wife who had children with her working husband while the two were married and running a bakery together. The wife didn’t run into need until her husband left her and paid not one dime to his children.

Ass hole then takes up with someone else and has the nerve to decorate her place at Christmas “for the enjoyment of the children”. Not all instances of parenting solo involves irresponsibility or mindlessly bringing forth additional children that can’t reasonably be afforded.

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But they’re ruining business as usual!

How dare they use their newfound power and knowledge to do what is best for them!

I need my cheap goods!


Do you support abortion then?


I’d do like many custodial and assisting grandparents and help. The child didn’t ask to be born to irresponsible individuals.

By the same token he/she shouldn’t be punished by being deprived of even a first breath.

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That’s your right and I respect that.

But this is how a woman can end up with many kids they can’t afford. Instead of chastise them for being on welfare, foodstamps, govt support. Admire them for choosing life instead of abortion.

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I don’t understand why anybody should be chastised for seeking the financial help they need when that’s literally what those programs were created for in the first place. Well other than to demonize their character, as if the person chastising has ever walked a mile in the others’ shoes.

Boot straps.

■■■■■■■■■ Success (or failure) isn’t created in a vacuum.

I was reading an article about all the people who took their stimulus money to pay off their mortgages so they could retire early and leave the rat race behind. Kinda destroys the right wing caricatures that everyone wasted that money or that everyone needs to work. When push comes to shove, most people will do what is best for their own situation. Go figure when that’s basic human nature, huh?

How do people do it? My wife was able to retire at 46 due to a pension and 401k close to a million dollars combined, but I have to continue to work due to the need for health care coverage. We don’t have a mortgage and we don’t even have car payments. How do you pay for health care if you retire early? If you retire with full benefits, fine. But retiring early?

The only way I see this as being a viable option is if we had a universal health care system. I’m a republican and have always been against the idea. But now I’m not so sure. Is the joke being played on me? Wouldn’t we be better off? It’s not like we don’t have bills up the wazoo already, what’s one more?


Health insurance aside, there’s a lot of additional costs involved with having a job. Having those go away probably helps a bit and if nothing else, what’s more valuable than time?

Yes, we all would be better off. Just think, if you could retire with your wife, or maybe try a different job if you wanted to… and not have your health linked to your employer…