Where did all the workers go?

According to Treasonous Joe, unemployment is down to 4.8 percent. This is about the same number we had under Trump prior to the pandemic. So if unemployment is so low, why is virtually EVERY business shorthanded? Every restaurant, every grocery store, Walmart, Target, Meier, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, literally nearly every business!!

Where are all the workers that were filling all the jobs before the pandemic? How can we have such low unemployment AND a labor shortage at the same time?




people are being paid not to work, essentially. leftists want to continue this idiocy because they dont understand and/or despise how the economy works.

these people literally can’t stand you. dont forget that


I think a lot of second-income spouses have chosen to drop out of the workforce. Some out of fear of unnecessary exposure to covid (especially from customer-facing jobs). Some because of issues from parenting school-aged children who had to do remote learning off and on last year (and who are likely to have to do it again this year.) There are also parents who found that the net income from that second job was only marginal when they take into account the cost of daycare, and realized that one spouse staying home was beneficial to the kids.

I think covid made a lot of people reassess their lives. Maybe income-first isn’t the top priority for a new swath of our population. That has reduced the number of people actually seeking employment. Thus the unemployment figures reflect only those seeking employment.


Great post! Families got out of the rat race and aren’t going back until businesses make it worth the effort in higher wages.


I think we discussed this a few months ago…

Several leftists are pushing something called “Guaranteed Basic Income”…

Basically everyone gets a check every month.

We are now seeing a preview of what a bad idea that GBI nonsense is…


I believe society would be better off if children were raised by parents instead of schools or other government institutions. The need for dual income households, in my opinion was created deliberately precisely so that children would have to be raised largely without parents and the values God intended them to be taught by parents. But since that train has done left the station and most households DO require two incomes, how are families making ends meet now, with only one income when just a year ago, two incomes were required? Countless unfilled jobs are dragging our economy further down and we are heading for major problems if something doesn’t change soon. There are plenty enough people to fill the jobs, yet something is keeping them home.

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And that’s fine as long as they understand it means less stuff and the government doesn’t exist to make up the difference.

Which I don’t think they do.


I think this is spot on for a lot of people.

Everyone likes higher wages. The problem is that many jobs were never intended to become careers that pay enough to support a family. Seriously, if a persons job skills top out at flipping burgers, is that really worth 15 dollars an hour? Such jobs were meant to be entry level jobs for young people who had no job experience. The idea being that as they got older and got more experience, education and perhaps maturity and responsible, they would move on to higher paying jobs. The result of forcing restaurants to pay such wages has resulted in many restaurants closing or operating less hours or reducing their menus or replacing people with self serve kiosks or robots. Also prices are skyrocketing as restaurants have to increase prices to accommodate the higher wages they have to pay. This in turn causes many people to not patronize their business which earns them less money. This is true for many other businesses too. Many small businesses simply can’t afford to pay higher wages, yet the left is forcing them anyway. Does this make sense to you?

Meh, they saved up a few months worth of money when the UE was crazy high, they will run out soon and be back at work.

I think we just have to accept that our economy makes the jobs that it makes. Wether you or I think they are “worthy” of a higher wage is moot.

In our service economy a majority of the jobs will be low skill service work. If we-and I do agree with you in this- want to return to an America where one income will get a family by with a good life and one parent can remain engaged with the children in their school ages no matter your families socioeconomic standing, we have to accept that these jobs are in fact careers and we have to compensate them accordingly.

Less than one percent of workers stay at minimum wage for more than a year.


Lots of good points here, but I think it leaves out one big obvious factor. Many people are not longer going to work crap jobs for crap pay.

There’s a certain amount of bullcrap people will put up with for the right amount of money, but we’re hitting that equilibrium point where the attitude from bad managers, the stress, the terrible hours/bennies/etc. from a low wage job just aren’t worth the pittance many employers have been getting away with paying for far too long.


Is there a meaningful difference for a family between 7.25 and hour and 9 and hour?

Even at $15 an hour, that is roughly $1,800 a month net. If you are paying $400 a week in childcare, it’s not worth all the strain on the family for $200.

Our UE ended the middle of July. Hasn’t made a bit of difference.

This post would make all the sense in the world if the service industry was the only one suffering job shortages.

They were banking more than they were making working for months previous. I would assume that saved money will run out at some point, if we can keep democrats from printing more to give away.

yes good point

a bad idea for those who want to matter in life, anyway