Where are the arrests for showing up at Justices homes?

Only 5 countries left in the world that institute a wealth tax, down from 12 in the 1990’s.

Fortunately, a wealth tax is a direct tax that must be apportioned among the States by population and therefore would be all but impossible to implement by the Federal Government.

And you are proudly using it as a justification for the government to tell parents what medical treatments their kids need.


You are misrepresenting both points.


He most certainly is not.

It’s cute that you are speaking for him.

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It’s sad that you have to post so many lies.

Own it.


it’s a shame you use words incorrectly so often.

I understand why you do it, but it’s sad to watch really.

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I see libs have taken their threat to another level…shooting through a window Virginia Attorney General’s Office Jason Miyares days after issued a public statement warning the “extreme left” of the legal consequences they could face should they choose to attack Virginia churches.

Where are you libs going with this?


As citizens we must demand personal safety from our government. This is pure political violence that they are legitimizing. Mobs are always wrong and these politicians that turn a blind eye, need to be thrown out.

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Well that ■■■■■■■ Lightfoot did say it was a call to arms.

We all see how that rhetoric is ignored and allowed to continue unabated.


Slemp said there was no indication that the incident was targeted at the OAG specifically or any individual employee. The Capitol Police are actively investigating.

Not sure this was a lib thing.

Right!!! No way would a lib do that.

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I though libs were scared of guns. Im pretty sure it was a right-winger.

Notice - I am aware of how specious and ridiculous this logic is. My intention is not to be taken seriously, but to mock conan’s delusional attempt to feel vicitimized.


Why would someone be mad at the Virginia AG about RvW?

And why would someone shoot the top of the window in the middle of the night? Not much of a statement if it takes the cleaning company to find the bullet.

Pelosi said to “fight relentlessly” over this. But we all know when Democrats say things like that, they mean figuratively. Only when Trump or other Republicans say something like that is it to be taken literally.


Well it appears CoJ and corrupt FBI was too busy investigating parents to be bothered going after people threatening/intimidating SCOTUS members.