When will you apologize to Seth Rich?

Now that Corsi and Stone have admitted to making up the whole Seth Rich conspiracy theory and thoroughly ravaging his grieving parents, will you be apologizing to his parents for your part in their grief?


I hope so. This is getting out of control.

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And here is a link because somehow I missed this today.

Trump supporters, like Trump, have no moral character.

Expecting them to apologize is pointless.


Drip, drip, drip.

Nothing in the article backs up the headline. You have presented no evidence yet that Corsi and Stone made up the Seth Rich conspiracy. You have presented several dots that do not connect in any convincing way to your conclusion. What did Stone and Corsi say exactly that proves they knew the Seth Rich as leaker scenario was false?

The implication was that Corsi said in the emails to Stone that it was “Hackers”… plural who obtained the Podesta emails.

Seth Rich is not a plural.

That and an inside person wouldn’t be a “hacker”.

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What a ■■■■■■■ con job they pulled on the ignorants.


Do you need me to quote the relevant bits or can I trust on you to read it?

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His parent should sue.

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How long was this narrative pushed on the gullible?


Someone tightened that drip up.

Are still pulling



In an evolving investigation it does not seem unreasonable for the source to be referred to in the plural number “hackers” if you don’t know who the source was. He could have written “hacker/hackers”, I guess. This is no proof that he knew Seth Rich was not involved.

Do you believe Seth Rich’s family is owned an apology from those who spent months using his tragic death to peddle conspiracies aimed at their political adversaries?

Some poeple still want Hillary to be his killer.

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As long as tv pundits found it useful.


I’m sure they will be along any time now to admit they were duped.