When Was The US At Its Greatest? 🇺🇲

Simple enough question:

When was the US at its greatest and why?

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Damn…good question. Have to think on it.


The second the Constitution’s final accepted draft was signed. In my opinion.

Took us a really long time to even begin to live up to it. Even the generation that created it failed to live up to what it called for and promised. But what it gave us was beyond words to describe it.

It was a hope. And a prayer. Of a truly better society than any that came before. And I would say any society that came after it.

I don’t even think the founders’ fully understood what they had created. And we certainly don’t appreciate it and the principles it enshrined today.


Yeah I’ve thought about it…crafting of our Constitution and than BoR’s. But again my first thought was after WW2. Than I thought civil war…but than starting thinking it wasn’t our best time in American history, the fact that we needed to go to war with ourselves to end slavery.

This subject can be endless when you think about it.


And than of course you have moon landing. That was in my lifetime so for me…that was greatest moment in my time on earth.


I’m going to disagree precisely because of:

I agree about the promise, the hope. But I believe you have to execute to be great.

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I agree. I was watching a program about Apollo 11 which showed how united all of the countries were. And then again when Apollo 13 was in trouble. Although remember that at the time one of the basis of going to the moon was to beat the Russians. I will always maintain that our greatest generation were the folks who endured WWII.


Yeah, but what time of day?

May, 1958.



The greatness of the United States increases with the aggregate of civil rights.I can’t pick any time in the past and say it’s better than today.

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seriously however, likely the moment the Japanese surrendered. at that moment comparatively, the US had no equal. close 2nd, the day the USSR fell, for the same reason.


You feel the aggregate of “civil rights” is better today than at any other time in US history?

Because the rest of the world was a heap of ashes. Not due to anything the US did.


I don’t think there’s any question. There isn’t progression in every area or every group, but the aggregate has increased.

I don’t think I can agree with that.

Are you confusing “rights” with privileges granted by an ever more intrusive central government?

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Consider this story:

This defendant’s civil rights could only be protected today. Ten years ago he would have been put under the jail.

That’s an increase to the aggregate.

When things are at their worst, often…mankind is at it’s best. WW I was devastating to the world and that was followed about a decade later by the great depression…which was also devastating. Then about another decade later comes WW II…which again was devastating. This devastation required a unity to defeat it. That unity was when the US was at it’s greatest and the decade following WW II was when it peaked.

If that was the top…it’s been sliding downhill ever since because there has been nothing to unify us except ourselves and our choices.

The Lord said…“to be first, you must be last”. President Kennedy said, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. Both of those are two sides of the same coin and that is the very foundation of this country. As this mindset declines…so does our “greatness”.

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It’s because of cell phones.