What's the point of attacking the voter?

…as I attempt to cheer myself up…:sunglasses:


Ah so when others insult voters, they’re “just trying to make those voters feel bad, and themselves better, by comparison”.

When you do it, you’re just “witnessing the truth”.

You have such a burden…

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Never underestimate the stupidity of the voter. :wink:

No worries? Are you and the Perth guy hooked up?

So it cool when you do it but you’re offended when others do it. That’s a thing I guess.

Irony can be pretty ironic sometime…

That is certainly not the maxim of the Republican Senators who refused to acknowledge there was a problem with Trump’s actions.

No they didn’t.

If justice only goes one direction, it isn’t just.

No amount of obfuscation will remove the knowledge that there is only one logical reason for Trump to object to witnesses appearing in the Senate impeachment trial of Trump. Trump knew that the evidence from those witnesses taken in concert with the supporting documentation would corroborate the evidence presented in the House of Reps impeachment inquiry/hearing.

The Globalist politicians want us divided so they can keep selling us out.

The sick freaks in the House were supposed to do that in the House.

Consider Schiff lucky because his 18th witness in the House would Expose their relationship with the whistleblower.

The legal precedent has already been set by libs. Now…cry me a river. “Elections have consequences”…so I am told.

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Trump’s vindication from the sham impeachment based on the hatred of the dems is at hand…and they can’t stand it.

Oh well.

They are not done. These psychos are obsessed. They cannot move on. There are indications that the Senate may subpoena Shifty after the impeachment closes down. That would be great. I hope they don’t wuss out.

They may try it again. I believe the weight of the voters will come down on them if they do.

In fact they probably will come down on them after this clown show anyway.

Losing the house would stop this nonsense for quite a long time.

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I don’t think there is any doubt about that. After the acquittal, they will continue on as if nothing happened. They cannot help themselves. Totally consumed with hate.

So you don’t care. Got it.

I believe you to be totally correct. All that hate must be a terrible burden.