What's the point of attacking the voter?

Back in the day, the media and politicians saved all of their insults for their opponent. The voter was rarely if ever a target. For some reason that seems to have changed. Probably during the Obama administration. I remember him surrounding himself with supporters, laughing and joking about people who have different points of view. Then he complained of conservatives clinging bitterly to their guns and religion. Then came Hillary’s boneheaded basket of deplorables remark. Now we have Donnie Lemon calling conservatives Illiterate rubes among other things. And yes, I know that the President has gone down this road as well.

So what’s the point? They must think that somehow attacking the voter will benefit them politically. I’m not seeing it. Do they think they can win over more voters by insulting them? What is the point of this trend? Any ideas?

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I believe they’re trying to shame em into silence.


I suppose. It doesn’t seem to be very effective.

They think so. After all in their minds, we “dumb and uneducated” conservatives/reps need their “help”.

If compromise is “giving in”, then your opposition is wrong, very wrong.
It’s not that they have a different point of view or anything to contribute, otherwise, compromise might be a good idea. They’re just plain ol’ wrong. Either out of stupidity, greed, or pure cussedness.

The practice of insulting opposition voters, playing only to one’s base come from the same place as refusing to work with the opposition in congress (ala McConnell shelving everything that came from Obama or comes from the House).

It’s a fairly recent strategy. In the past, politicians would never dream of insulting every day Americans. I’m pretty sure this started with Obama and has gotten progressively worse.

Why do we need 2 threads on the same subject?

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Part of it has to do with the marketing forces of higher education putting into the minds of Americans that people with college degrees and so-called white collar jobs are better those who don’t have that piece of paper and work with their hands. The people who do this are by and large elitists who live in expensive homes in exclusive communities, hob knob with others like them and send their kids to private schools.

Sorry you have it wrong.
McConnell only had control of the senate for Obamas last two years.
Harry Reed started the shelving of everything that came from the GOP house. In fact he did this until the GOP took over the senate for Obamas last two years. Funny how partisans like the try and change history. I


Yea, birthers and freakouts over the black communist muslim Kenyan definitely deserved ridicule

Wahhhhh he’s making fun of librulsz

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I think you missed the point. I’m not talking the fringes here. Mainstream, normal people are being attacked for the crime of supporting the wrong candidate. This is all relatively new.

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You should know, you started it.

Yes. Trump worship and abandoning all reason and principle is definitely new.

Yea, people on Fox never attack or make fun of liberals

No, it is not a very recent strategy. It’s gone on since the beginning. The thin skin-ness is recent tho.

I disagree. I have heard them do interviews where the should purpose is to get a liberal to say something embarrassing. You’re wrong again.

It hasn’t

Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, did not attack the voters. They attacked their opponent.

No problem. You won’t have to worry about that. Marines are not big fans of victimhood.