What's the point of attacking the voter?

So how is that “hate Trump” agenda working out for you?

What hate trump agenda?

The only agenda that the leftist have.

Nope, sorry.

Over there on your side of the aisle it’s the only agenda.

You should be.

…and now…for your next trick…open your eyes! :sunglasses:

Since everything the whistleblower said occurred has been corroborated, any “relationship” is a red herring meant to distract.

Schiff is going to be locked up in Gitmo for treason, knowingly lied!

Bigliest trial EVER, coming this November!!!

Eyes open, nope still no agenda.

When you are in total darkness, open eyes are not of much use. Hate Trump is the entire foundation of the Democratic agenda. They have even switched positions 180 degrees on some issues supported by Obama simply because Trump holds the same position.


Nope it’s not.

I’m glad to see that you agree.

That there’s no hate trump agenda, yep I agree.

Blinded by the hate. Sad.


Why do you need people to hate trump?

I don’t, they (liberals) just do. Denying it is pathetic.


Some quality Fox mocking of voters! The outrage!