What would our government do differently/better/cheaper if it controlled the entire health care market?

Nothing to do with nobility, just a service provided by our society through public funding. Like running water, sewage, roads, police, etc.

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Show me “what is being proposed”. Ok thx. Sounds like you’ve got a big Single Payer monster boogeyman in your head. Medicare for all isnt going to close all of the insurance companies. The government isnt going to shut down private insurance. That’s absurd. Even in Canada private insurance accounts for roughly 30% of health care spending

And education? Yeah that’s going swell.

You made the claim about what’s being proposed. Own it.

That’s Canada. And the point of “Medicare for all” is to eliminate private insurance. Hence the name, genius.

Basically every other country eh universal healthcare has private providers and insurance carriers. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

And you claimed otherwise. Clearly you can’t back it up. :laughing:

No we don’t have to but I haven’t seen anything in the works that follows their models. The closest we have is “Medicare for all.” which so far wouldn’t be remotely the same.

No it’s not and you have no idea what you are talking about. And no ■■■■ that’s CANADA. They have a single payer system and also a private system. The US can too if they so choose. They can have medicare for all or whatever you call it, while also letting people get gap coverage through private companies

The same way they negotiate in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, etc., etc., etc. Good lord…

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I never claimed anyone proposed anything. I simply said Single Payer doesnt require the elimination of private insurance. You should get some sleep you are really struggling here.

That’s a lot of blind Faith to be putting in the US government. Controlled by lobbyists. For the private insurance industry. :laughing:

Let me guess. If a couple of Senators said they saw pigs fly, you’d believe that too. :roll_eyes:

Do you want to shut down medicare?

Show us where “Medicare for all” gets rid of all private insurance rather than making it where anyone can apply for Medicare.

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Shhhh… Don’t tell him about Medicare Advantage, it’s probably too much to soon…

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I’m surprised that people don’t realize this, but a lot don’t.

The VA is an example of socialized medicine, where the government literally owns the hospitals, hires the staff, hires the doctors, and then gives away the service for essentially nothing.

medicare is an example of a single payer system, where the government does not own any of the health care components, but instead refers clients to private health care providers, then pays those providers on behalf of their client.

Thats not true. Doctors and hospitals negotiate with MC all the time.

Sounds like some of you have no idea what you’re talking about. Color me shocked.

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Wrong the doctors and government negotiators sit down and negotiate deals, it happens here.