What would our government do differently/better/cheaper if it controlled the entire health care market?

Very noble.

Should the military be about protecting our country, or making money? Guess who runs the military?

Making money.

What’s the difference between medicare and the VA?

Does medicare run hospitals? If so, please show me a hospital run by medicare

How does the military make money?

They should be allowed to loot and pillage after a victory.

I can do dat in mah vijo gamez

That’s the only difference?

So who is going to to pay the hospitals? Who regulates them? Sets fees?

I ask again, what’s the difference between blue cross blue shield and say, your local hospital? You’ll find the answer there

Regulation doesn’t mean “run”. Virtually every industry is regulated. We dont say the government runs our banks. Obviously, single payer like medicare would be negotiated with hospitals / providers

Yet. Slippery slope. If single payer is run by the government, prices won’t be negotiated. The government will simply dictate what is and isn’t covered.

No it won’t. The only reason Medicare can negotiate now is because there are options other than Medicare.

Sneaky is dragging out the flag and making the argument that veterans have earned their care through their service. The argument attempts to lift VA medical care to some exulted status that is “different” ignoring the fact that well over 60% of VA medical care is for non-service related conditions. I would be fine with providing a special class of Medicare Super Duper for all us veterans.

A private sector hospital is still in the private sector in a single payer system.

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Of course there will be things dictated as far as what is and isnt covered. Insurance companies already do this. Plus, single payer doesnt necessarily mean private insurance cant be bought. I believe the Netherlands has a hybrid system.

LMAO… Yeah, that’s how they negotiate… It has nothing to do with the size of their purchasing ability…

That isn’t what is being proposed and you know it.

Single payer doesnt require the removal of all options.

How do you negotiate with the only insurer? Haven’t exactly thought this through have you? :laughing:

Says you. Show me a single proposal in this country where it isn’t the only option.