What would our government do differently/better/cheaper if it controlled the entire health care market?

As I read discussions about this topic it often seems like some forget to mention that currently government controls about 40% of the market. In other words we do have a sample of governments working in this market. So tell me how would things change if our government controlled 100% of the market?

The government already controls the VA hospitals. No need to look any further than that whole mess.


'What would the government do better / cheaper? "

Not a damn thing.

It’s like asking if the Cleveland Browns had all of the draft picks instead of just their own. I don’t know, 1-15 instead of 0-16?

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Nobody is proposing a VA type system nationwide… A MUCH better example of what is being proposed is Medicare… You know, the national system of healthcare right here in the US with very high customer satisfaction… Ever notice how nobody in the GOP seriously proposes eliminating Medicare and returning it to the “free market”?

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so, we have a 50/50 chance of getting a decent system. Tell you what, get the government to reform the VA system so it had the same or better satisfaction rating as Medicare. THEN we can talk about nationalizing the rest of our health care system.

No kidding. They want single payer because there’s too many variables between multiple providers and multiple insurers. The VA is an example where the government has complete control over both and they bring up Medicare. You can’t make this ■■■■ up.

When you move a hospital bed from the private sector to single payor, it goes from making money to being a taxpayer expense that must be reduced. Andthen service goes to â– â– â– â– â–  Like in the VA system.


Are you kidding me? Look at the smooth rollout of the website to kick off government healthcare. That was well thought out…right? It was created at a very reasonable expense too…right? Well there’s your PERFECT example.

So we should eliminate Medicare and return it to the free market?

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We wouldn’t need the VA if we expand Medicare for everyone… See, we solve two problems at once… :smile:

I took the easy way out. I pointed out the symptoms of the problem without providing the solution. I’d love to spend time figuring all of this out but…I can’t. In fact, I’ve got to run right now and drive a couple of hours to an auction to teach the upcoming generation the trade I practice. If I can accomplish this, my life will be a lot easier the next 8 years or so before I retire. Have a super day.

Because no one is suggesting that the government take over hospitals, Mr. Strawman.

Wow look at that dodge. Should we get rid of Medicare or not?


What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between an insurance company and a hospital?

No, between medicare and VA.


The politically connected will get better care just like Bob Casey jumped to the head of the transplant list while governor.


Health care should be about health care, NOT making money.