What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true




Wherever you are, there you go.


Secular puritanism teaches us the virtuous believe the woman if she is a lib.

Repent and submit.


What do you think this guy’s defense was? A lame “I didn’t do it?”

How do you feel about a teenage boy being framed for rape, spending time in juvenile detention because some “girls didn’t like him”?

Do you believe men are falsely accused or that all women just… tell the truth about sexual assault and should be believed?

Geeze, exactly the same M.O. that Feinstein and Ilk used.


It does matter. It goes to believability. She overplayed her hand badly.


As far as Kavanaugh goes it is irrelevant. However, what is not irrelevant are false accusations and the behavior of the Democrats on the committee.


Well, correct on the first part, but on the latter? Well, she was more a useful tool at the moment.


I will take it another step further: The new precedent is “I believe you” no matter what. This type of blanket thinking without any evidence or proof brings out the nutcases and discredits true victims.


Glad I haven’t eaten yet.

But, hey, it sounds like a university that attracts radical leftists so yea for her.


Yes she did. My point was it doesn’t matter what kind of voice she uses during a lecture. Her students an colleagues saw her testimony. They heard the voice and will remember it during every lecture.


You say tomato I say tomato.

You say you believe her with no evidence or corroboration, I say I don’t without evidence or corroboration.

You buy into the emotions and little girl presentation, I say it’s fake as hell.

You believe in your viewpoint, I believe in mine.

((shrugs shoulders))

The difference between us is I believe in innocent until proven guilty. So do most Americans. :grin:


Eh, what makes her credible? Kind of a big clue that everyone she named who she thought could corroborate her story had no clue what the hell she was talking about.


At least they have props. Notice after and during the tearful and painful testimony, where she was choked up, not once did she need a kleenex or to blow her nose? Not even a box on the table, just in case.

The devil is in the details…


Ford discredited herself along with the assistance and bad advice of her attorney’s.
Facts, corroboration and credibility matter. Ford scored a big, fat zero on all counts.


Did he mock her or her story. They are two different things.


How do you know?


And, there it is again…


Of course not. I do have to wonder though, how many who cannot take the time to discern take the time to vote?


Oh, I think Ford is naive and gullible. She wanted to be the darling of the DNC so went to grab the golden apple.

People are not “offended” by her actions, they just think she is a class A liar. For all we know, she loves the attention of death threats. They make her feel important.


Watch any political ad right now. It’s all they do. Our job is to sift through and figure out what is and is not relevant.

What the dem’s did to Kavanaugh is on another level. American’s aren’t buying it and don’t like it one bit.