What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


It was brought up. Hell I brought it up in the one and only Kavanaugh thread (part 1). It was brought up in places…I don’t remember where or when…but I got it from Somewhere…and my point remains. It’s irrelevant now isn’t. He’s on the supreme court, she’s back in California, and in another 5 days this whole issue will be forgotten. Why do you care so much now? I don’t remember you saying anything about this a week or so ago when I brought this to everyone’s attention. In Fact…I got pretty heavily railed on for not being compassionate. I wasn’t even taking sides…just asking a question about why would she do that.


That should help bolster her conspicuously blank “rate my professor” ranking.

Another item that does not measure up…


It is now part of history.

Her story and internet scrubbing is a study unto itself.


Which would mean she is not credible in any measure. Nor has she ever expressed remorse for her action, and yet she was able to go through 8 years of college for Phycology and has yet ever mentioned any remorse of her actions toward her friend. Which would lead to a very failed education system and a worthless degree or a very unqualified teacher. Or… simply answer. she is lying.


if her friend was raped and murdered (as she says almost happened to here) then she would be criminally negligent. Leaving is one thing. silence while others are still in immediate danger is criminally negligent. If what she said is true, then her friend was in immediate danger of being raped that moment.


She should spend the rest of her life in prison. I hope her kids are taken away and put in foster homes. They are living currently with a dangerous felon.


(what Ford said) I had my swim suit on under my closthing so I just have been at the country club earlier that day.


(good memory of the day) I was at the country club before the party so I had my swim suit on under my clothing.

She’s only guessing she was at the country club before the gathering/party.


Aaaah gotcha. That explains her spending time in the bathroom to adjust her make up, clothing, wipe away tears. She said while in the bathroom she did stuff to make it appear that nothing happened.

That’s not rational in any way shape or form even under the conditions she described.


Of course it isn’t. She is a liar and a plant.


Because this fiasco has set a new precedent for how to defeat a candidate or nominee you do not want to prevail.

And if a principle of accountability is not set firmly in place now, that precedent will take root and become de rigueur moving forward.

But I’ll take it one step further. I think most libs know that Ford was a mere pawn in a larger sleazy Democrat attempt to smear an opponent, and cutting off the discussion with analysis of Ford’s accusation can head off having the larger cancer in the Democrat party exposed.


christine blasey was dating Chris Garrett at the time of the alleged attack.
Chris Garrett was/is friends with Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and PJ Smyth.

Somehow she ended up at a “gathering” with 3 of her boyfriend’s friends and Leland, and yet she can’t remember who the “fourth boy” was at the “gathering”.

And for the record, Chris Garrett lived closer to the country club than any of the other people mentioned.

christine blasey ford made up the whole thing in the hopes of taking out Kavanaugh. It didn’t work.


He does it to push your buttons, and judging from your post, you have a prominent one on your forehead that says “push here.” :wink:


The new advice and consent rule to take out a SCOTUS nominee for Democrats is:

President: "My nominee for the Supreme court is…"

Senate dems: "‘cough’ - punch bowl drugging rapist - ‘cough’"

President: "Never mind."


Students, alumni, and faculty at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are asking to have Dr. Christine Blasey Ford recognized as a distinguished alumna.

The UNC family supporting recognizing Ford as a distinguished alumna said they “recognize the inordinate courage it took for her to take the moral and ethical stand that she did in testifying about her sexual assault experience in front of the world.”

Yep. And there it is.


Looking at some of the sick comments in this thread it seems like the basket of deplorables is growing.


What part of her story was verified? I missed that part.


She should have stuck to her original story instead of making ■■■■ up along the way.




Good thing she has a day job. :wink:


Or be the darling, hero of the day for the DNC.