What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


She testified that there were herself, here best friend and 3 other people there, two had her in a room and one was trying to rape her and possible kill her. She escaped the house leaving her best friend inside with 2 rapists and a potential killer.

Lets pause there.

Leaving her best friend to be raped and possible killed without going to the police to try and save her best friends life. This is what she testified she did. She has never expressed remorse is the abandonment of her friend to leave her to be raped. If what she said was true, then she did leave her friend fate in the hands of rapists. How can anyone carry that burden in life is beyond me. Better to be a liar than to be someone whom left your friend to be raped and murdered without ever lifting a finger to try and save their life.

Nothing she can say beyond that point has any meaning about her character. She has never expressed any remorse to commit such a despicable act. It is not relevant that no harm came to her friend, only that in her mind this is the condition she abandoned her friend to the fate of rapists.


There is a one and only thread.

But let me summarize:
Ford has been discredited;
The Democrats have egg on their face and are dumbing down on it;
Kavanaugh has been sworn in.


As I recall she named four boys. Please link to where she said that she was there with her best friend. Thanks.


Another drive by posting. Rush get you all fired-up?


Leland, the other girl she says was there.

Her last rendition was 6 people.

Kav and Judge. PJ and an unknown other male. (guys)
Ford and Leland (girls)

That is what she testified to before the committee


I stand corrected. Thank you.


Why a post to try to lay some blame on her? Kav is in. Story over.
You should say that it was too bad that she had a horrible experience and be done with it.


“Ford discredited” is the right’s big, stinking lie today.


The Republicans biggest mistake in all this was to state that she was credible. They should have not gone there and simply affirm that her story about the alleged assault lacks credibility. Actors and actresses look credible when playing a role as well.


There is absolutely zero credibility to her story. Unless your claiming you were there and witnessed the alleged assault.


Ford is discredited. Like it or not. Believe her or not. It is what it is.


As i said, “Ford discredited” is the Right’s big, ugly, stinking lie today. There is no discrediting, only lying words from Trump, and others. You wanna spread it around, that’s your biz.


No, I disagree. When I first heard this I was very willing to listen and to keep an open mind. As time went on and more information became available, I formed my own opinion. I found Ford’s emotions in her testimony fake, coupled with that she had absolutely no one who could provide any credibility to her story.

She herself made me disbelieve her story.

I am glad the Republican’s showed her the utmost courtesy so I could decide for myself.


It’s too bad she has convinced herself she had a horrible experience.

Now I’m done with it.


Why? Because she asks people to take only her word that a crime was committed with zero evidence. And in order for the crime to have been committed she had to abandon her friend and left her to be raped. That is the sum of her testimony. That is the sum of her credibility.


This wasn’t a post on Kavanagh this was a post about Ford and her story and what she actually testified in doing. It shows how far down a rabbit hole people are willing to go to avoid to state the obvious. You either believe she lied or she abandoned her friend to be raped and murdered and said nothing.


Who remembers that they had one and only one beer but doesn’t remember how they got home 7 miles after escaping the building? It is not that her memory might not be affected, but it is affected positively in such ways a to make her case look better but negatively when it comes to things that could be checked out.

Is it important at this point? It shouldn’t be, but then we still have the “Believe the Women” (regardless of the particular facts in a given case) T shirts, don’t we?


It’s almost like something happened to her between consuming a beer and going home that affected her memory.


I love a good victim blaming in the morning.


You guys won. Why are you still whining and trying to discredit this woman? You got your rage filled alcoholic on the SC. Be happy.