What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


Why not make it five or ten times? Because the first and second time had so much impact. :smirk:




dis·cred·it | (ˌ)dis-ˈkre-dət \

Definition of discredit

(Entry 1 of 2)

transitive verb

1 : to refuse to accept as true or accurate : DISBELIEVEdiscredit a rumor

2 : to cause disbelief in the accuracy or authority ofa discredited theory

Her story was discredited. She couldn’t prove it with the witnesses she named.


It goes to credibility and corroboration upon which she failed miserably on both counts.


Good for you. The rest of us would like to see facts and corroboration presented and hold off on our conclusions until such time that a rational judgement can be made.


You’re probably right. She’s probably loving having people threaten her life, and the lives of her family. This is all a game to her.


I really love how perceptive you seem to be Cali :sunglasses:


You’re one of my favorites. No matter how much we jab at each other, we both know it’s all in fun.


Did you REALLY have to give that away in public??? REALLY??? :angry: :rofl:


8(a) companies have money set aside for sole source federal contracts just for businesses owned by special races. White male owned businesses need not apply.

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

African Americans and Hispanics are given points to add to their SAT scores to compensate for their lack of good grades on school

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

There is a separate caucus just for black people in congress. None designated for just white people.

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

businesses encourage workplace black affinity groups, women’s affinity groups, hispanic affinity groups at work, but a white affinity group would be called racist

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

The NBA is like 85 percent black and the NFL is 68% black even though the population is only 15% black.

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

Businesses fund outreach and special opportunities for educating and hiring women, black, and hispanic STEM employees. White males have to get there on their own.

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

Parades of women demanding more money and priviledge and wearing hats symbolic of vaginas are deemed honorable protest by leftist media. Parades of men carrying penis symbols would be called rape gangs.

It’s so hard being a privileged white man.

Yep, libs will always be able to make such a snarky sarcastic statement. Wonder why -no matter what absurd racist and anti male laws and cultural norms you try to interject into our nation - white males will always seem to have some special privilege.


I break the 4th wall constantly.



Please watch. It’s hilarious.


aww, you’re a victim. Like I said, it’s so tough being a privileged white man.


LOL… Just keep being you. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’ve been randomly searched for drugs, held at gunpoint when I’ve done nothing wrong, stopped and threatened by cops RIGHT IN FRONT of my home, shot and left to bleed out by cops, put in a holding cell just until the cop verified my identity, spread eagled on the hood of my car even though I did nothing wrong. Must be because I’m black.
Er… wait… ummm… I dont LOOK black. Must be something wrong. I’m white and this kind of stuff does not happen to white men. Or does it?

His “funny” story has nothing to do with being a straight white man. It has to do with living a safe and unadventurous life.


Coppers aren’t that keen on white trailer trash either.

  • In the upper 10% of income.
  • Former Air Force Officer.
  • Graduated High Honors in Electrical Engineering (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)
  • Technical Fellow at a major aerospace company.
  • Holder of 15(ish) patents ( I don’t count anymore)
  • Financial sponsor of little brown kids for more than 40 years.
  • White Trailer Trash

Which of the above seems out of place. You have been lied to about who we are, lib.


Chair Force.


So it’s trumps fault that the left tried to destroy the life of trumps scotus nominee?

That’s seriously your position…



You owe no one an explanation nor do you have to justify your belief system.

Targeting people because they were born “white” is as ignorant as targeting people because they were born “black”.

When the truth of the matter is we all want to raise our families in peace, do our jobs and love life as fully as we can. The closest we have to guaranteeing that remains intact is adherence to our Constitution. Which is what mainstream American’s fight and die for.


I know the jokes.