What to do with the "savings" from A-stan

I was speaking (c)we. As in I’m glad the United States/(c)we are no longer in Afghanistan. I’m glad that the United isn’t going to funnel $100B dollars next year to a country we have no business still being in.

How much you think it will be?

A lot less than if we were still occupying the country, building projects that don’t need to be built and fighting the Taliban

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Hooray nation building!!!

Cool. How much?

What should we do with the savings?

I’m not in the budget dept.


What if it’s $100B?

The estimated cost per year to solve homelessness in the United States is $20-30B. We better not be giving them $100B. I’ll be pissed and vote for whoever challenges Biden in the 2024 primaries

My screenname is derived from my feelings towards US foreign policy. Both Democratic and Republican flavors

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How about we stop dumping money into country’s that don’t like us and put the money into making America great again. The cost of the weapons we gave the ANA (who gave them to the Taliban) alone is enough to fully fund the entire homeless population for 3-4 years

Instead of building infrastructure in the Middle East were only going to bomb how about we fix our freeways and bridges here?

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So you would spend it on the homeless. Buy them houses?

To “protect” the inauguration of the ■■■■■■■ at the center of the Afghanistan debacle.

Hmm…what event happened a few weeks prior to that?

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Social programs.

I was thinking raise pay and benefits for soldiers and veterans. Since it is money allotted for military purposes.

its wouldn’t be my 1st choice on how to spend the money but I’ll take it over spending that money on infrastructure in another country that we may or may not blow up ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be homeless. We could use that money to do any number of things. It could be used to build the infrastructure we need here that we don’t have to run on China. A fund to rebuild industries in areas like West Virginia. Factories. I don’t care.

The point is that we have a lot of expensive problems here that we don’t have the money to fix. I would much rather spend that money fixing those things than the things we broke in other countries

We have the best fighting force in the world but we’re horrible at the rest of it and 20 years is enough

I wouldn’t object to that

I would much rather spend the money on that

How about we spend that money on rebuilding the VA? Would that be acceptable?

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